Back-office software for CRE

Collect vouchers, calculate commissions, and manage payments seamlessly and efficiently with Buildout’s integrated Back Office.

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Centralized brokerage back office and accounting

View all estimated and pending vouchers, track accounts receivable and payable for every deal, and calculate broker commissions with one seamless back-office tool.

Organize and report on data

Collect all your transaction information in one place and generate comps and reports.

Save time

Minimize the time spent on back-office processes with seamless integrations that are built into the software.

Close deals

After attracting buyers or tenants with beautiful marketing materials, generate vouchers and quickly calculate commissions.

Back Office's features

Premium Marketing's features


Create vouchers populated with data from property listings and save comp information for future research. Save time calculating commissions, approve vouchers instantly, and get payments in motion with a click.


Generate branded invoices that are customizable to deliver a polished experience through the end of your deal. Create prepopulated invoices from receivables and email directly within Buildout or download and send as PDF.


Process all of your accounting seamlessly and report on your brokerage health. See detailed analytics on commissions, lease reminders, receivables, and productivity reports—and export reports to CSV.

It’s time to integrate your brokerage’s full deal cycle.

Take your commercial real estate brokerage to the next level

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