March 10, 2021

Buildout and theBrokerList release results of 2021 DNA of #CRE survey

Chicago, IL—Buildout and theBrokerList, partnering again for the sixth consecutive year, have announced the release of their 2021 DNA of #CRE survey results.

The DNA of #CRE is the only survey focused on the people in commercial real estate and what they do to be successful, revealing changes in the industry over time. Questions center on demographics and brokerage focus to show who makes up CRE; where and how time is spent across the deal cycle to establish best practices; the most valuable resources in CRE; how to promote listings and market a brokerage brand; industry and technology predictions, and more.

“We created the DNA of #CRE with theBrokerList as a way of giving back to the industry,” said Buildout Director of Marketing Ewa Baska. “Our goal with each survey is to collect actionable data on the tools and tactics broker and marketers can use to build their business with every round of our results.”

Each year, the results of the DNA of #CRE survey fuel blogs, videos, and discussions across the industry, including experts like Rod Santomassimo of The Massimo Group and Diane Danielson, former COO of SVN International Corp. These experts, along with some of the leading CRE brands and companies, have served as promotional partners to the survey over the last two years to help it reach more industry professionals.

“I am so very proud of all we accomplished this year as a result of our amazing Promo Partners,” said Linda Day Harrison, founder of theBrokerList. “It was a tough year coming through the virus and we were still able to get folks to stop and take the survey. The survey has gained a dedicated following and we all work so hard each year to see that grow. This year was no different. The collaboration between Buildout and theBrokerList is always a sheer pleasure and I look forward to many years to come.”

The 2021 DNA of #CRE results for both Broker and Marketer surveys can be found at, along with future iterations of the survey which launch in Q1 of each year. Follow the Buildout Blog for content created from deep-dive analyses of current and previous results.

About theBrokerList

Founded in 2011, theBrokerList is the commercial real estate community’s first free online platform for finding brokers, deals, services and vendors. Founder Linda Day Harrison, a career commercial broker in Chicago, saw the need for an online community where brokers could connect with each other and with vital services and tools to make them more productive. She also made it theBrokerList’s mission to bring awareness and attention to the commercial real estate field, which is too often lumped in with residential realty. With more than 8,300 members, theBrokerList continues to grow rapidly, offering members pages where they can publicize their listings, property types needed and completed transactions. The website’s marketplace lists carefully screened vendors, and its blog is a forum where members and visitors can read some of the latest ideas in commercial real estate. To join the Marketplace click here. To add your commercial real estate company to theBrokerList, click here.

About Buildout

Buildout, Inc. is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the commercial real estate industry. Since 2010, Buildout has been at the forefront of the CRE tech revolution, empowering brokers and developers with cutting-edge tools and software to stay competitive in the digital age. With a focus on optimizing every stage of the deal process, Buildout is helping shape the future of the CRE industry.