July 13, 2021

Buildout launches new tool that combines spreadsheet capabilities and powerful integrations

Named Buildout Grids, the solution empowers more strategic decision-making and increases deal velocity, while offering commercial real estate professionals a familiar user experience.

Chicago, IL—Buildout, the leading provider of commercial real estate marketing and deal management technology, today announced the launch of Buildout Grids. The tool offers spreadsheet capabilities that integrate with the Buildout platform, empowering more strategic decision-making and increasing deal velocity. 

“Commercial real estate still relies heavily on spreadsheets to track and manage their data,” said Chris Smiles, Product Manager at Buildout. “But copying and pasting that data into marketing documents is time-consuming and increases the risk of errors. Buildout Grids eliminates this problem, giving our customers the capabilities and familiar user experience of spreadsheets in a solution seamlessly integrated with the Buildout platform.”

Buildout Grids empowers users to populate spreadsheets with data stored in Buildout. This allows commercial real estate professionals to more quickly create and share rent rolls, underwriting models, comp charts, and more.

The solution’s integration with Buildout Docs also enables users to automatically push spreadsheet data directly into custom-branded marketing collateral, such as brochures, OMs, and proposals.

Additionally, Buildout Grids users have access to a library of proven underwriting models developed in partnership with leading commercial real estate brokerages.

“Buildout Grids offers our customers the perfect mix of user-friendly design and powerful functionality,” said Buildout CTO Jason Tillery. “We’re excited to offer this innovative tool to our customers and to continue delivering new solutions that help commercial real estate professionals do their best work and close more deals.”

Buildout’s suite of solutions includes marketing, CRM, and back-office software used by more than 3,200 brokerages and more than 29,000 active brokers. The company is actively developing new products based on market research and customer feedback.

About Buildout

Buildout, Inc. is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the commercial real estate industry. Since 2010, Buildout has been at the forefront of the CRE tech revolution, empowering brokers and developers with cutting-edge tools and software to stay competitive in the digital age. With a focus on optimizing every stage of the deal process, Buildout is helping shape the future of the CRE industry.