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Buildout announces RealtyZapp syndication partnership

November 14, 2018

CHICAGO, IL--Buildout is excited to announce an integration with RealtyZapp, a comprehensive marketing partner where it is always free to search and access listings and easy to leverage your social network for greater results. Through this partnership, Buildout’s clients will be able to syndicate all of their on-market listings to RealtyZapp for greater exposure throughout all of North America.

“Commercial real estate is an industry built around relationships and the software supporting it should reflect that,” said Vishu Ramanathan, CEO of Buildout. “By partnering with RealtyZapp, we’re further simplifying our users’ marketing efforts by connecting the tools that extend their reach.”

“RealtyZapp was created in response to pent-up demand for a results-driven, cost-effective marketing alternative,” stated Thomas Bible, founder of RealtyZapp. “We believe anything that increases a broker’s efficiency and enhances their ability to become more pro-active will boost their productivity, so we’re excited about the opportunity to compound that through our partnership with Buildout.”

With Buildout, brokers can maximize their time by streamlining their marketing processes. Automated, brand-consistent documents, emails, and property websites ensure clients’ properties are always represented beautifully so teams can focus on connecting with potential buyers and investors. More time marketing with Buildout means more time for brokers making deals.

About RealtyZapp

Founded in 2016 by Brokers for Brokers, RealtyZapp’s mission is to empower the real estate community through greater transparency, and control over your data and your marketing budget.  Built on the premise that greater efficiency leads to higher productivity, their integrated tools aid brokers in becoming more pro-active.  For more information, visit and join the forum at to pose questions about the platform or build your network to discuss market trends with your peers.

about Buildout

Buildout is the only commercial real estate software developed for the entire brokerage. Since launching in 2010, Buildout has pioneered the leading marketing solution for CRE—now, applying that power to the rest of the brokerage with marketing, CRM, and back-office tools. Developed in direct conversation with customers, Buildout allows brokerages to bring their expertise to every stage of their deals all from within one platform. Learn more at

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