Scaling processes at your brokerage

Firms with one marketer can support as many as 10 brokers, while without Buildout, the most brokers one marketer can typically support is three.

Whether your brokerage is in the midst of growing or planning to grow in the future, it’s necessary to put processes in place that will allow your firm to scale. These processes help you avoid potential complications and ensure overall team efficiency.

To scale at your firm, these are the two main goals you should focus on

  • Leveraging integrated CRE tech
  • Maintaining consistency across offices

If you prioritize these two goals in your brokerage, you’ll see benefits like consistent data, maximized team efficiencies, streamlined marketing, and enhanced professionalism.

Here, we’ll dive into the crucial components that go into these areas of focus and the benefits your firm will see when you scale your processes.

Leveraging integrated CRE tech

Ensure consistent data

It’s necessary for firms to use a centralized–but secure–database for property information so every appropriate person on your team, like marketing support and managing directors, has access to accurate data. This allows for greater team efficiency and accuracy when developing proposals, compiling comps, discussing brokerage-wide commission goals and more.

Another key way to ensure consistent data—and eliminate redundant data entry across the tools you use—is by leveraging connected platforms or software equipped for API integrations.

Maximize team efficiencies

When your firm leverages integrated CRE tech tools including secure, centralized databases and software with API integrations, everyone on your team can work more efficiently and save time.

For example, with Buildout, firms with one marketer can support as many as 10 brokers, while without Buildout, the most brokers one marketer can typically support is three.

With that increase in marketing productivity, your firm could triple the number of proposals presented and, once you win those listings, greatly reduce each property’s speed to market.

Maintaining consistency across offices

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Streamline marketing

Brokerage brand consistency across multiple brokers and offices as you grow is crucial for successful scaling.

Establishing clear brand style guidelines and leveraging tools that streamline your firm’s marketing development can also allow your team to shorten speed to market for listings.

Buildout’s customers benefit from clearly defined brand guidelines and custom-developed ready-to-use documents from proposals to flyers to OMs and more.

Every broker and marketer in every office has access to the same style documents, which allows them to create these crucial materials efficiently and consistently.

Enhance professionalism

When a firm grows across multiple offices, materials like proposals, websites, emails, brochures and more can become increasingly disjointed.

However, for a brokerage to maintain a professional reputation in the business, potential clients should know they can expect the same level of service from every broker in every office.

This professionalism is important not only for potential clients but also for brokers who may choose to work with your firm over another. Scaled, efficient onboarding and training processes are necessary for broker recruitment and retention.

If you’re interested in further discussing with our team how you can address your firm’s challenges like scaling processes, integrating data systems and more, feel free to contact us anytime you’re ready to chat.

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