Challenge 1: Integrating data systems for NAI Global brokerages

Through conversations with NAI Global offices across the country, we’ve come to learn that one of the biggest challenges brokerages face is achieving integration across data systems.

Getting the right tools in place to properly integrate a brokerage’s data systems is the first step toward streamlining and scaling operations.

There are two major actions firms should take to achieve data integration

  • Maintain a brokerage-wide property listing database
  • Use tools with API integrations

Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of taking these actions.

Maintaining a brokerage-wide listing database

Distribute accurate information

The ability to enter and edit property data in just one place streamlines brokerage tasks and ensures everyone is using the same accurate data at any given time. This is particularly important to firms that are beginning to branch out to multiple offices.

In many cases, there may be one marketing team in the headquarter office servicing brokers in various locations. So, as a firm grows, it can be difficult to maintain accurate information if brokers are using spreadsheets or another form of data storage instead of a brokerage-wide database.

In order to efficiently grow and scale, consistent data is a must, and implementing a brokerage-wide listing database achieves this.

Save time for more value-driven tasks

Without integrated data systems like brokerage-wide listing databases, marketers and brokers alike often face the challenge of repeatedly entering and re-entering listing information across promotional materials.

A brokerage-wide listing database combined with integration across marketing tools can eliminate multi-point data entry.

When brokers and marketers only have to input or update property information in one place, everyone saves time. This allows each individual at a firm to pursue more value-driven tasks, like analyzing marketing performance or developing a pinpointed prospecting strategy, that can accelerate business growth.

Using tools with API Integration

Ensure tech compatibility

Implementing tools that are compatible with all others is a constant challenge in today’s tech landscape. So, selecting tools that provide an open API is crucial for ensuring data systems are properly integrated.

For example, if a brokerage maintains an internal, brokerage-wide property database, any additional tools or platforms onboarded should offer an API that can connect to that database to provide you with seamless integration. Then, anytime a broker or marketer inputs or updates property information on that platform, it will automatically update in the database as well.

Buildout’s open API has also allowed us to create incredible partnerships with top CRE listing sites. Our customers can syndicate their listing data to any of our partners to create and maintain posts on multiple sites—but only have to manage the property data within Buildout.

Customize for unique needs

API integration also allows CRE brokerages to be more nimble with their property data. If your firm seeks to integrate a research platform, a commission tool, an internal database or CRM, with another web tool—API integration is necessary.

Buildout’s customers use our API to integrate their existing systems and further reduce duplicate data entry. This allows them to further unlock the value of data in their marketing.

You may run into difficulty managing multiple tools that weren’t built from the start to speak to each other when using API integration. Consider looking into a single platform that connects all your tools directly when customizing your systems.

Buildout was created to ensure brokers and marketers at firms of all sizes could overcome the challenges of maintaining accurate listing information and ensuring proper data integration across tools.

With Buildout, CRE professionals at brokerages can achieve fully integrated data systems that streamline and scale operations, ensuring firms can grow sustainably.

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