February 23, 2021

Buildout + Rethink

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We’re excited to announce that Buildout has acquired Rethink as part of our commitment to connecting incredible commercial real estate technology across all facets of your brokerage.

As the first step in our external growth strategy, Rethink represents some of the most powerful CRM software in CRE and a new kind of offering from Buildout. Brokers will now be able to pursue individual solutions for their CRM needs while still achieving the full Buildout value of seamless integration across brokerage software structures.

Andy Braun, VP and COO of NAI Martens shares in the excitement, “We have been long time Buildout users and have always been impressed by the product and the responsiveness of the team. While we’re newer to Rethink, they also have a great team and we have been impressed with the ability to customize the product and how easily it has become a part of our workflow. In my opinion, the ability to combine the products into one solution is a game changer for us.”

Frequently asked questions

What is Rethink?

Rethink is a CRM solution purpose-built for commercial real estate. It simplifies prospecting, pipeline management, reporting, and more to help brokers win more deals.

Why did Buildout acquire Rethink?

Rethink built one of the most polished, user-focused, and impressive CRM tools available in commercial real estate. Their software, combined with the strength of Buildout’s existing marketing, deal management, and back office tools, will enable more brokers to supplement their deal cycle with technology.

Can I still purchase Buildout’s CRM?


If you’re interested in purchasing Buildout’s CRM, now known as Lite CRM, get in touch and our sales team will follow up with you directly.

Do I need to transition to Rethink’s CRM?

Rethink’s CRM offers features and functionality you might want to take advantage of, including:

  • More configurability to make the platform fit your unique workflows and processes. 
  • The ability to pull in third-party property data through an integration with Rethink Intelligence. 

That being said, we will not require you to transition to Rethink’s CRM.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rethink’s capabilities, you can check out the Rethink website or request a demo.

What will the integration of Buildout and Rethink look like?

Buildout and Rethink will remain separate products as we launch our new venture.

Our first priority will be to create a seamless integration between the two systems, followed by the development of new features and functionality that will drive additional value to brokers and brokerages.

How will this affect current customers of both Buildout and Rethink?

Nothing will change for either Buildout or Rethink customers at the outset of this new venture. We will update you periodically as we continue to develop better integrations and functionality.

For those on the Buildout platform with specific questions, you can reach out directly to your Buildout Relationship Manager or email

To purchase individual licenses of the Rethink CRM and take advantage of future integrations with the Buildout platform, request a demo.

Current Rethink customers can expect the same great performance on the Rethink application  and your existing Rethink Team will continue to be available for your support needs. 

Your contract terms and subscription will not change. We will communicate future invoicing and payment process changes as we consolidate billing systems. 

Where can I learn more about Rethink?

If you’re interested in learning more about Rethink, you can check out the Rethink website or request a demo.

Can I upgrade to Rethink’s CRM?

Of course!

To upgrade to Rethink’s CRM, request a demo on the Rethink website and an Account Executive will reach out to you directly.

Public announcement of acquisition

You can read our official press release on Buildout’s acquisition of Rethink here.