January 12, 2022

Buildout + ProspectNow

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We are pleased to announce that Buildout and ProspectNow have joined forces. Buildout is the premier dealmaking platform for commercial real estate brokers. ProspectNow is the leading provider of real estate owner and property intelligence services. It’s a match made in heaven.

Frequently asked questions

What is ProspectNow?

ProspectNow is an easy-to-use owner and property intelligence database containing data on 18 million businesses and 155 million properties including 42 million commercial and multifamily properties. It provides highly accurate property owner contact information, sales comps and MLS data, and predictive analytics to identify properties likely to sell or refinance within a year.

Why did Buildout acquire ProspectNow?

ProspectNow built one of the most polished, user-focused, and impressive real estate intelligence and predictive analytics tools available in real estate. Their data and analytical capabilities, combined with the strength of Buildout’s existing CRM, marketing, deal management, and back office tools, will enable more brokers to supplement their prospecting and deal cycle with highly-accurate insights. 

Will ProspectNow replace Cherre in Rethink CRM?

No. ProspectNow data and predictive analytics complement data provided in Rethink by Cherre -- giving you unparalleled market insights.

What will the integration of Buildout and ProspectNow look like?

Buildout and ProspectNow will remain separate products as we launch our new venture.

How will this affect current customers that have Buildout/Rethink and ProspectNow?

Nothing will change for Buildout, Rethink or ProspectNow customers at the outset of this new venture. We will update you periodically as we formulate our integration plans and product roadmap. For those on the Buildout platform with specific questions, you can reach out directly to your Buildout Relationship Manager or email

Current ProspectNow customers can expect the same great experience with ProspectNow. Your existing ProspectNow Team will continue to be available for your support needs. 

Your contract terms and subscription will not change. We will communicate future invoicing and payment process changes as we consolidate billing systems.

Where can I learn more about ProspectNow?

If you’re interested in learning more about ProspectNow, you can check out the ProspectNow website or request a demo.

Public announcement of acquisition

You can read our official press release on Buildout’s acquisition of ProspectNow here.