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How do I find out who owns a property?

When it comes to commercial and residential real estate, off-market properties provide an incredible potential for both investment and pursuing new leads. But finding out who owns a property is key to taking advantage of those off-market opportunities. So how do you find out who owns a property? Here are three easy ways to discover ownership and grow your real estate prospects.

Review property tax records

Whether you’re looking for details about who owns a residence, commercial property, or simply a piece of undeveloped land, one of the first places to search is with the county tax assessor. Taxes are collected on every type of property, and the assessor holds records of who is paying those taxes.

Most tax records will indicate several important pieces of information: the property owner’s name, their contact information, the most current property appraisal, and details about any liens or unpaid property taxes. All of this information can help you in your search for off-market properties that may be positively positioned for investment. For instance, if a property owner has unpaid property taxes, they may be willing to sell their property quickly and at a lower price in order to avoid foreclosure.

Searching for who owns a property through the tax assessor requires some research on the front end. In order to view tax details for a specific property, you will need either the address or, in some cases, the lot number for the property. Larger counties will likely have their databases online, allowing you to search for owner details from anywhere. Smaller, rural counties, however, may require an in-person visit in order to gather the property ownership information you need.

Search for property deeds

Another common way to discover who owns a property is to look at property deeds. These are most likely to be found in the county recorder’s office or with the registrar of deeds. The recorder retains all records of property sales or transfers and will have the most up-to-date information about who owns a property.

Much like searching for tax records, looking for property ownership by deed requires some information about the property such as the address or lot number. Depending on the deed, you may only be able to find the information you need using the lot number. Once you know the property details, you can start your deed search online as some counties host certain public information on their websites. In other cases, you may need to take a trip to the county recorder’s office in order to have them pull the deed. The document will show you the current and past owners, as well as whether or not the property has any liens.

All-in-one online property platform

Searching for who owns a property one-by-one can be incredibly time-consuming. And when property information is lacking—such as a complete address or the lot number—discovering ownership details can be even more daunting.

One of the most effective search methods to find out who owns a property is to utilize an all-in-one database and online platform. When using Buildout Insights, for example, property searches can be accomplished by region, city, neighborhoods, or individual property. Instead of traversing from county to county or website to website, you can discover ownership details on residential and commercial properties in any city from wherever you are.

For over a decade, Buildout Insights has been providing key property data and insights for investors, brokers, and agents across the country. Our database of millions of properties helps real estate professionals save time and money—allowing them to increase lead generation and growth potential with property and ownership details all in one place.

With an all-inclusive property search platform, every search produces important details to help you find the next best investment. You can learn who owns a property, contact information, and even management information for commercial real estate. Instead of searching one property at a time, grab hold of contact information for key decision makers and properties across your region so you can focus on maximizing your leads and growing your business.

Find out who owns a property with Buildout Insights

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