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How CRE is paving the path to innovation

Typically considered an industry behind the tech curve, commercial real estate is becoming increasingly more savvy, and in some cases even paving the way for innovation. Here’s how:


In an industry where relationships win business, CRE is gradually becoming more digital. Tech innovations like commercial real estate marketing tools and virtual reality and 3D tours are increasing engagement with potential buyers and facilitating crucial business relationships.

But even when it comes to day-to-day administrative and marketing tasks, software is becoming smarter and seamlessly integrated. Buildout’s integration features make it easy to instantly post property listings, send emails and create websites, brochures, flyers, proposals and offering memorandums. This gives CRE professionals hours back in their day that would have otherwise been wasted on mundane tasks.

Problem solving through ongoing innovation

Tech providers are learning as they go to find innovative solutions to real-world problems affecting the CRE industry.

Buildout is no exception. Rather than creating a product in a vacuum and launching it after years of work, we’ve worked closely with brokerages to solve their challenges, bit-by-bit. It’s through this approach that we’ve completely streamlined the process for creating marketing materials and revolutionized the way CRE professionals spend their time.

Leaving opportunities for growth

The recent CRE tech boom is only the beginning. As technology continues to evolve and more brokers adopt it, a constant push toward innovation will become the norm. And as new technology emerges in other industries, developers and brokers alike will find ways to incorporate the latest tools and innovations into the CRE industry.

Jonathan Schultz, co-founder of Onyx Equities, had this to say about the state of CRE tech in 2017: “In the real estate tech space, [this] will be the year of ‘putting your nose to the grindstone’ and making use of all these tools in a way to become more efficient, effective, faster and smarter in how we operate our business period.”

To stay ahead of your competition, it will be crucial to adopt and embrace tools that make your brokerage operate smarter. Check out our blog “Realizing the benefits of Buildout” to learn more about how our tools can put your brokerage ahead of the curve.

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