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Free download: The essential commercial real estate closing checklist

Get two free commercial real estate transaction tracking templates now!

At Buildout, we’re committed to your success and are always looking for ways to help make your real estate business easier – and more effective.

So we created two CRE transaction tracking templates: a CRE Sales Transaction Tracker template and our CRE Lease Transaction Tracker template

Download them now!

We designed these free templates to help you improve each and every transaction. Use them to build custom workflows, improve your efficiency and organization, and make sure your closing date doesn’t slip.

These templates will help you:

  • Plan all the steps for a pain-free close
  • Get the right documents, forms, and approvals – at exactly the right time
  • Keep track of critical dates, dependencies, and milestones
  • Organize all contacts and deal team members in one place
Transaction tracker screenshot

The CRE sales transaction tracker

Our CRE Sales Transaction Tracker template includes all of the tasks to successfully close a CRE deal. You can start with our comprehensive list and then create your own customized workflow by removing any that may not apply to your transaction. 

You can also use the calendar feature to create start and end dates for various tasks to schedule your closing date and create work-back dates to make sure you stay on target. The template even includes separate worksheets for contacts and deal team information. 

Download the CRE Sales Transaction Tracker template now

The CRE lease transaction tracker

Similarly, our CRE Lease Transaction Tracker template is designed to help you proactively plan any lease transaction to make the process as smooth – and as effective – as possible. Select from our list of lease-related tasks or add your own to create a valuable checklist of everything you need. 

You can identify task owners, add descriptions and comments, and even share with other team members. The template helps you stay organized and on target at all times. 

Download the CRE Lease Transaction Tracker template now

How to use our transaction tracker templates

First, download the CRE Sales Transaction Tracker or the CRE Lease Transaction Tracker template (or both!). 

To start using them, search through our comprehensive list of tasks. Select the ones that apply to your transaction to build a custom workflow that reflects your specific sale or leasing transaction. 

From there, you can pick start and end dates and assign task owners for each task. This helps you create a realistic timeline to ensure you hit important milestones and your ultimate deadline, such as a closing date for a sale or a move-in date for a commercial lease transaction.

As you proceed, you can add and update task status information to keep all parties informed of where things stand and what needs to happen next.

You can even use the contacts and deal team worksheets to collect and store vital information about anyone involved with the transaction.

Built for your success

Let’s face it: Managing CRE sales and lease transaction process and deal teams can be … well, let’s just say it can be a lot.

Without the right tools and overall approach, you face a lot of wasted time and effort – and frustration! – attempting to get everything you need and guide all of the parties through the process. 

Now you can use these free templates to get more organized, streamline internal processes, and make sure any CRE transaction is as smooth as possible.

We hope these templates help you simplify your transaction-management approaches – so you can improve your selling efforts and results.

We think they’re a good first step, but for an even better way to manage your sales or lease transactions, request your Buildout demo today.

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