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How to find out who owns a property in New York

The commercial real estate market has changed a lot since the beginning of 2020. The prices of retail spaces have fallen significantly. Office spaces have fallen some, but they should recover quickly. It’s difficult to predict how multi-family housing will change over the next few years as real estate investors decide whether to keep their properties or step away from working as landlords.

Regardless of how New York’s commercial real estate prices and uses evolve, someone will always find a way to profit from shifts in the market. You need two critical pieces of information to take advantage of market changes: Who will sell their property soon and who owns the property in New York you want to buy.

The following article will help you identify the owners of property in New York. Then, you will see how predictive analytics gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Not in New York? Find out how to find who owns a property anywhere in the country!

Search for the property’s owner on NYCityMap

The NYCityMap page can give you information on most properties in New York City. You just need to enter the property’s address in the search bar. If the address exists, the map will show you the building’s location and information, including the real estate’s:

  • Owner
  • Square footage
  • Number of residential or commercial units
  • Year built
  • Zoning map number

The map’s search feature has some finicky traits. For example, you might not get the correct property if you search for “11 West 53rd Street.” However, if you search for “11 W 53 St”, you should get information about that property, which happens to be the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on NYCityMap to always give you accurate names. The database doesn’t get updated as often as it should, so you could get a previous owner’s name.

You can also run into issues when NYCityMap gives you the name of a corporation or business. The MOMA listing offers a good example of this problem. If you wanted to purchase the property, you would need to find the name of the person or people who control The Museum of Modern Art. Most properties owned by organizations will likely give you the organization’s name instead of a person’s name, just like the MOMA.

Use a search engine to find a corporation’s owner online

Don’t overthink how you will find the owner of a corporation. Start with a simple Google search. Most people are proud of their accomplishments. When you search for the organization’s name, you will likely find the names of board members and owners.

Search the New York State’s database

Of course, not everyone wants to make their names readily available. Some people even want to obscure their identities by hiding behind corporate names.

When an internet search doesn’t help, head to the website of the New York State Division of Corporations, State Records and UCC. After you enter the organization’s name, you should get more information about the group, including the owner’s name.

Keep in mind that state records fall behind often, so you may get a previous owner’s information. You can solve that problem by going to a subscription database with an interest in maintaining the latest records.

Get all the information you need about property in New York from Buildout Insights

Buildout Insights’ commercial real estate database has information about more than 40 million properties. It also offers an LLC database that gives you the contact information of real property owners. Many of the files include the owner’s phone number, email address, and mailing address.

Obviously, you don’t want to waste time reaching out to property owners who have no interest in selling their real estate. Buildout Insights uses predictive analytics to help you find owners who are likely to sell. Perhaps they have tax liens, owe property taxes, or have lost a lot of tenants. In any case, you may find an opportunity to purchase property at an affordable price while helping the current owner escape a stressful situation.

Get started with Buildout Insights so you can find out who owns property in New York and start closing more deals with ease.

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