March 7, 2018

You know that the more proposals you present, the more business you’ll win. But to truly maximize your potential business, you need to improve your proposal-to-win ratio. With Buildout, you can. Here’s how:

Be the first to submit a proposal

Instead of taking hours or even days to create a proposal, with Buildout, you can create one in a matter of minutes. To create a proposal, you simply input a property’s information in your Buildout property database, click ‘New Document,’ then ‘Sale Proposal.’ Buildout instantly creates a complete, professional sale proposal. You can make any necessary edits or add information, and still present your proposal before anyone else.

In fact, Buildout clients have won multi-million dollar listings with less than a day’s notice to put together a proposal. Allen Buchanan of Lee & Associates Orange said of Buildout: “Truly amazing program. We secured a $4 million listing, a $1.5 million listing and sold a $3 million investment using Buildout.”

Present professional, custom-branded proposals

Professional, beautifully-designed, well-organized and custom-branded proposals created with Buildout help your brokerage stand out from the competition and ensure you look like an ideal firm to work with. When clients see how well you present yourself, they can rest assured you’ll promote their property with the same care and professionalism.

Barry B. Bounds of KW Commercial Denver South Metro noted that clients have specifically mentioned the professionalism and consistency of proposals and marketing materials created with Buildout, and this has resulted in a higher proposal win ratio for his firm: “I have a higher win ratio with Buildout because it makes me organized and I come across more professional to clients.”

Demonstrate marketing capabilities

When you use Buildout to draft winning proposals, you can also immediately create websites, brochures and other marketing materials to present as a full proposal package. When you can show prospective clients your marketing capabilities upfront, it proves that you don’t just talk the talk, but you can walk the walk.

Want to improve your win ratio? Contact Buildout now.

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