How to get more commercial listings (month after month)

April 7, 2021

As a commercial real estate professional or brokerage, how can you find more listings? How can you get better quality, more attractive listings that pull in tons of inquiries? 

The key is prospecting every day. And here are some tips on how to do that better.

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Build your local brand

If you want to become a top-performing CRE broker in your area, you’ll need to put a lot of time and energy into building your local brand. Establish yourself through consistent visual promotion, local business events, CRE networking events and associations, and local referrals—to name a few.

If you overlook the importance of branding in your marketing, you will have difficulties attracting and keeping both clients and new business. So be sure to make this a priority—and the listings are sure to come.

Make outbound calls

The best way to get more business is to talk to more people. This is a direct contact process, and it often involves making a lot of outbound calls—some of which will advance to meetings.

You’ll need to not only consistently follow up with individuals and businesses on your prospect list, but you’ll also want to leverage the business directory for your location. When making your outbound calls, be sure to also ask about future occupancy needs and moving intentions.

Track occupancy

In commercial real estate today, there are always companies and corporations looking to change their property location or focus. Connect with local business owners and major company leaders to understand how their property will service both current and future occupancy needs.

But don’t forget that occupancy information needs to be tracked, so be sure to leverage a powerful and robust CRE system that allows you to store, access, and set reminders for efficient occupancy tracking.

Connect with businesses and property owners

Although it will take time for you to establish your reputation with local business and property owners, it will be time well invested. So be sure to use your business card over and over again every day, research the top businesses in your area, and get to know the major landlords.

Understanding the quality businesses in the area and talking to them about their property needs and challenges is a sure way to stand out. In time, businesses will be thinking about change, opportunity, growth, expansion, contraction, or relocation—and they’ll reach out to you with their real estate needs.

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Leverage prospecting software

Every broker needs a prospecting system. With the right tools, and access to the right data, you can evaluate how you’re currently finding new business and set yourself up for greater success in the future—all while building stronger relationships with your network.

Get to know the properties in particular locations that are regarded as priority areas for businesses and tenants and use tools to fuel your lead generation, research, and outreach. Look for prospecting software that is built exclusively for CRE and integrates with every part of your brokerage to help you win more listings.

Understand your clients

In the commercial real estate industry, you really have to understand exactly what the client requires regarding the property sale or property lease. In short, you need to find the pain points and show the client why you should be the chosen broker.

Review the property in its entirety, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the property, have clear solutions to optimize each issue, take every listing to the target audience directly, and track everything from meetings and conversations.

Empower your team

A successful real estate team will have skills in prospecting, presenting, marketing, and negotiating. Know your agents’ strengths and weaknesses; improve and remove weaknesses with training and personal development; and have top agents share information, skills, and activities to improve other team members. 

Be sure to track and measure KPIs on a weekly and monthly basis to understand where your successes are generated and how any weaknesses in performance are changing. As a team and as a brokerage—you can always learn, practice, and improve.

Win more commercial real estate listings with Buildout

With Buildout’s full suite of connected tools, you can streamline your processes, level up your prospecting, and ultimately—win more listings. If you haven’t seen what Buildout can do for you and your team, get in touch with us and ask for a personalized demo today.

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