October 2, 2019

Up until now, commercial real estate brokers and their teams have been forced to use databases that either lack security or don’t integrate with other tools they use. This has led to tedious processes or messy workarounds just to get everyday work done. 

Brokerages deserve a secure, comprehensive database that integrates with their marketing and back-office tools—making everyone’s life easier. So, Buildout created one.

Introducing the Buildout Elite database

The new Buildout Elite database helps brokers run their entire business on one platform. With our database, you can catalog your property data and contact information, log activities, assign and manage tasks, make call lists, and integrate with marketing and back-office tools—all in one place.

What Buildout’s database offers

Our database catalogs all of a broker’s contact information and property data, and makes it easy to connect contacts with all relevant properties. And with our database, you can

  • Delegate tasks to marketing and back office
  • Get insights into your business
  • Prospect and build stronger relationships with your network
  • Secure your information

Brokers want a secure database that allows them to share information only with the people who need it. So, with our Elite database feature, brokers have the option to add a private database that they can use at any Buildout-enabled brokerage throughout their career. 

Why you need the Buildout Elite database

A broker can use Buildout’s database to navigate an entire transaction, from their first contact with a property owner all the way through the final steps of a property’s sale without ever having to work in another tool. This seamless process can improve collaboration at any brokerage, saving time and maximizing efficiencies.

Now, you can manage your contacts and property data while also tracking where each lead, proposal, or listing is in your pipeline. This high-level view of the business helps brokerages and brokers predict their revenue pipeline and work smarter.

Contact us today to set up a demo and see how our database will change the game for you or your brokerage, or learn more about the new Buildout Elite database here.

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