Identifying and solving your brokerage’s biggest everyday challenges

August 29, 2018

Whether your firm has just a few brokers or 100, we know there are challenges you face on a daily basis. And we know these challenges are common either with or without marketing support on staff. Fortunately, many common pain points of brokerages of all sizes can be tackled with the help of technology.

Let’s talk about some of the most common challenges and how firms of all sizes can solve them with the right tools.

Recruiting and retaining brokers

Is your firm losing top brokers to go work with your competitors? It may be because you are not providing enough tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently and win more business.  Your firm can better compete for talent by investing in technology that adds value to your company, like integrated databases and marketing tools.

When you have the best brokers in the business on your team and they have tools on their side to help them do better business, everybody wins.

Maintaining up-to-date property information

Are your brokers and marketers spending large chunks of their day updating information in spreadsheets or in databases that are not connected to anything else? A cloud-based centralized system for housing property data may be just what you need. Then, your brokers and marketers won’t have to scramble to make sure all of the information being relayed to clients and buyers is accurate. Everyone will have the same data in the same place.

Streamlining brokerage processes

Particularly if your brokerage is growing, you may find yourself struggling to scale your processes across brokers, or even across multiple offices all over the country. If some brokers and marketers are using one tool to create property marketing materials or house property data while others are using another, you likely won’t be able to easily share information. Ensuring everyone is using the same technologies that integrate with one another is key for streamlining and scaling.

And even if you’re a small firm with just a handful of brokers, getting set up with scalable tools now will only help you if you grow in the future.

Maintaining quality and consistency of marketing across brokers and properties

If you work within a smaller brokerage where others on your team do not have sophisticated design skills, the property marketing materials you send out into the world may lack consistency and professionalism. Or, if you operate within a large firm with dozens of other brokers, everyone may have their own take on their marketing designs. This can result in brand confusion and brand inconsistency among potential clients, buyers and investors. But with CRE marketing technology like ours, anyone can create a high-quality piece with consistent branding, even without design experience.

Creating high-quality property marketing materials quickly and efficiently

As you know, it’s not enough to have the nicest-looking presentations, brochures and OMs on the market. You also want to be one of the first to get your presentation or your property in front of a potential client or buyer. But if you’re still using complicated design programs, it can take hours or sometimes days to create property marketing documents complete with photos, maps and all of the necessary data.

But not anymore. We created our tool to help you tackle all of these pain points head-on, from recruiting and retaining brokers to creating high-quality marketing materials in a matter of minutes. Contact us to learn more about how Buildout can solve your firm’s biggest everyday challenges.

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