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Why you need a property website for every listing

November 3, 2016

An effective property website is crucial through every step of your process. After you’ve won a listing, a property website is the perfect venue for sharing information with prospective buyers. But websites can also be a valuable tool in the proposal process.

Here’s how you can leverage property websites to win more listings and close more deals.

Showcase your marketing capabilities during the proposal process

Prospective clients want to get a sense of how your brokerage will market their listing, and property websites are a great way to showcase your marketing capabilities. Buildout automates the creation of individual property websites so you can quickly create and share a polished site during the proposal process. This is a great way to highlight your brokerage’s preparedness and modern approach to marketing, which will ultimately help you win more listings.

This is an example of a property website created automatically throughout Buildout.

Share information and generate leads during marketing execution

Once you’ve won a listing, property websites are the best way for your brokerage to share all the details about a property from one central spot. Buildout’s property websites house assets like:

  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Property overviews
  • Important documents
  • Broker(s) information
  • Video and 3D tours

With all this information in one place, brokers can simply share one link to their property’s website rather than sending multiple files to prospective buyers. Buyers can then bookmark that link and quickly reference a property’s information as they consider purchasing or leasing.

Buildout’s websites also include interactive maps that display your property’s location.

Property websites can also be an effective lead generation tool. Using Buildout’s open vault, you can store some or all of your property’s documents behind a form on your property website. Visitors will be required to enter their information and sign an electronic confidentiality agreement before they can access the materials. Buildout then uses the form submissions to create a list of leads for your brokers, which saves them time and gets them that much closer to closing the deal.

Store your documents behind a form on your property website to capture lead information.

Once the form is completed, users have access to all of the documents you’ve stored in an open vault.

Clean, beautiful property websites will set your brokerage apart from the competition. And with Buildout, you no longer need to spend extra time or money to create professional websites for proposals and existing listings.

To learn more about the ways you can quickly and easily get all of your listings in front of the right audience, check out our blog “Promote your listings with Buildout.

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