September 18, 2019

Every day, we talk to brokerages about their wants and needs, and the pain points of their work. We’ve also spent years surveying hundreds of brokers and marketers through the DNA of #CRE. The CRE professionals we talk to directly and the ones we’ve surveyed all agree—they need better tools to do their jobs. 

That’s why we’ve expanded our mission to tackle more of the challenges brokerage teams face every day. Now, our services include a secure—but flexible—database and a dynamic back-office tool, all seamlessly connected.

Brokers needed a secure but flexible database

Commercial real estate is a unique industry, and brokers need a database that operates differently than traditional sales CRMs. Buildout’s robust new Database stores information the way CRE professionals use it. Brokers can associate contacts with properties, search by map or property type, and pull lists of related contacts with specific criteria. From there, they can create call lists, activity logs, reminders, and more.

And while some brokerages choose to use only company-wide databases, that’s not how all brokers prefer to store and use their data. That’s why we also offer brokers the option to add on a private database that is separate from their company database but can directly connect and share data when necessary for marketing, comps, and accounting. 

Brokerage back offices needed a simple work process

Accountants and back-office teams often have to juggle multiple spreadsheets from all of their brokers, making approving vouchers and calculating commissions payments a time-consuming and tedious process. When they can do all of this instantly, deals are closed faster, and everyone at a brokerage benefits.

Our new Back Office feature automatically calculates the brokers’ cut of a deal based on their individual commission plans. Back-office staff can easily make adjustments to that commission plan if one deal is different from another. This helps them save time calculating payments and helps brokers get paid faster.

Back Office also helps accountants and administrators review and approve their brokers’ vouchers all in one place. Brokers automatically create and send vouchers with the transaction details in their listings, seamlessly connecting their deal data with back-office tools.

Brokerages wanted integrated tools

Many CRE technologies are incompatible with the other tools brokerages use, and that’s a challenge we wanted to solve. Buildout Elite doesn’t just ensure all of your brokerage’s tools are integrated—it was built on one platform to help you seamlessly run your entire business.

At the center of every listing is marketing. Brokers share their data with the marketing team to collaborate on a listing. Then, they send the leads marketing generates back to their own database. Once a deal is closed, brokers share their deal data directly with the back-office team for payouts. Everything runs smoothly, all in one place.

With all of these tools on one platform, an entire brokerage can be more efficient and save time doing everyday work. At Buildout, we’re reimagining what’s possible for CRE. If you want to learn more about how we can improve the everyday working experience at your brokerage, contact us today.

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