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Why is team trust so crucial to CRE success?

April 13, 2022

When we talk about trust in the CRE world, it’s usually in the context of the buyers and sellers we serve. But before we can earn the confidence of clients, we have to start by cultivating trust within our teams.

Your clients expect us to act in their best interest and get their deal done with the best terms, within their timeline. When you consistently deliver those outcomes, you earn their trust. But it all starts with the internal team. If they don’t believe in and support an objective, it will be very difficult (if not impossible) to make it happen.

If you drill down even deeper, you’ll find that trust is a product of culture. If you’re open, transparent, and receptive to feedback, you’ll earn the trust of your team and, in turn, your customers and prospects.

And there are no shortcuts or hacks to replace authentic trust. Of course, CRE technology can help you attract and nurture prospects and streamline the deal process. But if you don’t have a culture of trust, the tools you choose won’t matter. (And that’s something we’re willing to admit, even as a software company.)

In our era of uncertainty, and as part of a rapidly evolving industry, trust is more crucial to success than ever before. 

Recently, our Co-president, Kris Krisco, sat down with Steven Jaffe, CEO and founder of Propdocs, to talk about trust alongside a few other industry leaders.

Check out an excerpt from the Propdocs article below and read the full piece here: Trust Your Team and Do Better Deals.

As part of our ongoing mission to improve the efficiency of CRE deals – to allow people to do more, better deals in less time – we’ve been considering the role that trust plays in enhancing, or reducing, the efficiency of a deal. Previously we asked whether you can afford not to trust and looked at where trust resides in any deal here.

When it comes to nurturing trust, it is clear that although trust between your team and trust with your negotiation counterparties are equally important, trust must start with you and your team. 

Team trust is foundational

“Trust starts with your team, hands down. It’s an inside-out thing. If you BS your own team, imagine how deceitful you’ll be with your counterparty,” says Kris Krisco, Co-president at Buildout.”

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