What our customers love most about Buildout

October 25, 2016

Brokerages across the country use Buildout every day to streamline their marketing efforts. With Buildout, they:

  • Centralize all their property information and save time
  • Customize their brand and maintain consistency
  • Retain more brokers
  • Close more deals and better serve their clients

Here’s what our customers say about these benefits and how you can take advantage:

“The whole package has been a real time saver––not only with the database, but also with our custom flyers, email blasts and Craigslist access. It’s money well spent.” – Kristina Konen, Marketing Director, GPE Companies

Time is money, and Buildout gives everyone on your team the time they need to build relationships and close deals. Once your team is free from manually updating property listings and creating materials like brochures, flyers and emails, they’ll have more time to dedicate to growing the business.

“The Buildout team who provided our design work for our templates and my training are top-of-the-line. When I asked for a custom look and specific detail, they responded quickly and provided exactly what I was looking for.” – Rhonda S. Butler, Listing Administrator | Marketing, Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc.

During the onboarding process, Buildout’s dedicated designers work closely with your team to develop or redevelop your brand style guide. We also create dynamic document layouts customized for your firm, allowing your brokerage to maintain brand consistency across all documents, build your reputation and increase your reach.

“[I] cannot live without my Buildout. Up to $30 million in listings now with more in progress. 100% success rate with getting listings when I present with Buildout.” – Wayne Fey, Commercial Real Estate Broker / G.C. (N.C. & Fl.), CCIM Candidate, All Points Realty Partners, LLC

Buildout makes your brokers happier and more successful by streamlining your marketing and administrative processes. Brokers leave firms if they don’t believe their time is appreciated and maximized. As the war for talent gets more heated and other brokerages invest in the latest time-saving tools for their staff, you need Buildout to stay competitive.

“Truly amazing stuff. We secured a $4,000,000 listing, a $1,575,000 listing and sold a $3,000,000 investment using Buildout!” – Allen C. Buchanan, Lee & Associates, Orange County, California

When you create proposals with Buildout, you stand out from your competition and position your brokerage to win more high-value listings. And when you can draft high-quality documents in a fraction of the time you spent before you had Buildout, you’ll get those listings to market faster. That leaves you with more time to provide exceptional service to your clients, which will foster your brokerage’s growth. Happy clients are more likely to return to your brokerage with another listing, and they’ll spend even more for your services when they do.

To experience the benefits of Buildout for your brokerage, contact us today.

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