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Using Buildout to scale your brokerage

October 4, 2016

If you want to scale your brokerage, the sooner you have the right tools in place to do so, the smoother and faster that growth will be. The Buildout platform will be your brokerage’s greatest ally in achieving scalability.

Use strong marketing materials to develop a strong reputation

As your brokerage scales, consistent brand identity and recognition will be crucial for building a positive reputation amongst potential clients and brokers. A developed and reputable brand is more likely to win listings than a disjointed brokerage with an unprofessional appearance. With the help of Buildout’s designers, you’ll develop or redevelop your brokerage’s brand with an eye toward the goals you want to achieve. Once your brokerage’s brand is in place, every single marketing material you put out from proposals to listing emails will be consistent and appealing to both buyers and sellers. This will set your brokers up to win more listings and close more deals.

Save time and resources to promote more listings and focus on brokerage growth strategies

Creating consistent, high-quality materials, while important, is very time-consuming. In fact, real estate marketers spend more than 40 hours per month on tedious marketing tasks. But what used to take brokers and marketing admins weeks to complete can now be completed with Buildout in just a few minutes to a few hours. Because Buildout allows you to create more marketing materials in a fraction of the time, your team is free to focus on promoting more listings and developing higher level marketing strategies to achieve brokerage growth. Plus, the marketing function of your brokerage will be able to service the needs of far more brokers than they could without the assistance of Buildout.

Improve your clients’ satisfaction in your services

Once your brokers’ time has been freed from the tedious process of developing marketing materials like proposals and OMs, they can focus on building more relationships, acquiring more business and closing more listings, all of which will contribute to client satisfaction. And of course, higher client satisfaction will result in more business and faster growth for your brokerage. Happy clients are more likely to return with more properties, and repeat clients pay, on average, 67 percent more for services.

Attract and hire more brokers while retaining the ones you have

When brokers are given the tools to be successful in their work, they’ll feel like a partner at your brokerage rather than a cog in a wheel and will be more enthusiastic about staying with—and growing—your firm. Buildout is one such tool that will help them do their job, not only to their clients’ satisfaction but also to their own. With solid standing as a reputable, successful and growing brokerage amongst your competition, top talent will be knocking at your door, and you’ll have the capability of hiring and easily onboarding them. Buildout will keep your firm from experiencing the growing pains that come from an influx of new talent on your team.

Merge with, acquire and open multiple offices

As brokers join your team and close more deals, leading you to open more offices, you’ll need a tool in place to maintain consistency across your marketing. Whether you merge with or acquire another brokerage, or open a franchise of your existing brokerage in another city, Buildout will help you maintain or unify brands, allowing all members of your team, old and new, to work within the same processes and remain brand-consistent across all platforms.

As your firm achieves success through winning more listings and closing more deals, bringing on more brokers and expanding to other offices, Buildout will be there every step of the way to simplify your transition, so you can progress from good to better and ultimately to being the best.

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