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Top 5 commercial real estate marketing materials you can't live without

December 16, 2020

For brokers and other CRE professionals, branding is especially important. It is a way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition while also increasing customer loyalty. Without meaningful and consistent branding, your clients don’t know what to expect from you and prospects don’t recognize you.

One of the best ways for commercial real estate companies to invest in branding while saving both time and money is to utilize templates for marketing materials. So, to help you get started, we compiled a list of the 5 most important commercial marketing materials every CRE firm needs. 

1. Commercial real estate broker proposal

What it is

In commercial real estate, a proposal is a pitch document that a broker uses to win a listing or secure an exclusive—and it details information on the broker, the company, and their history.

High-quality proposals in brokerage should feature visuals, graphs, and market information that grabs the attention of the client and guides them through the document.

How it’s used

A proposal is used by a broker to convince the owner of a property to let them broker the transaction and represent the owner in the sale or lease of the property or listing. Winning proposals sell brokers personally as experts along with the business services and strategies they can provide to the client.

Example commercial real estate proposal

Example commercial real estate proposal
Download sample commercial real estate proposal →

2. Broker opinion of value (BOV) or broker price opinion (BPO) 

What it is

A broker opinion of value (BOV) is a detailed financial investment report. Very similar to a proposal, it includes property and location information, financial analysis, sale comparables, rent comparables, demographics, advisor bios and more.

A successful BOV will help the seller decide the right listing price and determine an appropriate offer for purchase.

How it’s used

BOVs are put together by brokers—based on extensive research—to present findings and a case for what a property should be priced at. These documents can be shared with owners or banks and financial institutions, but they are very complex documents that are not always used. 

Example broker opinion of value

Broker opinion of value example
Download sample broker opinion of value document →

3. Commercial real estate property brochure/flyer

What it is

Brochures and flyers provide a brief snapshot of the listing and should be designed to attract attention. Flyers are simple, one-page docs with a property description, property highlights, an offering summary, and demographics. 

Brochures—on the other hand—are longer forms of content and include things like property description, property highlights, an offering summary, demographics, additional photos, location maps, and a demographics map and report.

How it’s used

Brochures and flyers are used as public teasers on listing sites, websites, and in email blasts—or for mass consumption. The purpose is to draw attention and convey simple messages quickly, and the best flyers and brochures will have a professional image—steering clear from a non-tailored word document.

Example commercial real estate flyer

Example commercial real estate flyer
Download sample commercial real estate flyer →

4. Commercial real estate offering memorandum (OM)

What it is

An offering memorandum (OM) is a document with very detailed information on financials and details of the property—both historically and in the future. It includes property and location information, financials, demographics, and advisor bios.

Offering memorandums are especially important because they are legal documents that detail the objectives, risks, and terms of the investment or purchase.

How it’s used

Offering memorandums are used to convince the buyer or investor to buy or invest in the property. These documents are for serious buyers and investors only, as they are not meant for public consumption. 

Example commercial real estate offering memorandum

Offering memorandum sample
Download sample offering memorandum document →

5. Owner’s report

What it is

The owner’s report is a status report of the listing. It includes things like where it’s listed, how many emails have been sent, how many times the offering memorandum has been downloaded, and other marketing activity.

A successful owner’s report will compile all promotional efforts to date (with evidence) in an easy-to-read document.

How it’s used

The owner’s report is created by the broker and given to the owner to update the owner on the status of the deal. It’s a great benchmark tool and should ensure that the broker and owner are on the same page regarding the listing.

Example commercial real estate owner’s report

Example owner's report
Download sample owner's report document →

Commercial real estate marketing materials made easy

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