November 15, 2017

When Sarasota-based brokerage Michael Saunders & Company updated their branding after 40 years in business, Director of Commercial Real Estate Matt Drews sought a tool to help maintain that new brand consistency across brokers’ marketing materials.

In his search, Drews discovered Buildout. Since bringing on the tool two years ago, the commercial team at Michael Saunders & Company has realized its many benefits—most notably, a clear ROI.

How Buildout produces ROI for CRE brokerages

Buildout simplifies marketing material creation with instantly-generated, custom-branded pieces. The valuable time brokerage team members save creating these materials can then be spent on other, more lucrative tasks.

Consider this: if a broker is able to generate just a few more proposals every month, he’ll have more opportunities to close deals in his pipeline. Plus, Drews noted that Buildout’s professional, brand-consistent materials have been a contributing factor in winning business for Michael Saunders & Company’s brokers, potentially improving proposal-to-win ratios at the firm.

While using Buildout, Drews also discovered owners reports, which improve communication between brokers and owners, resulting in an even greater ROI for both the firm and its clients.

What can Buildout do for your brokerage?

Download our latest case study to read more how Matt Drews and the entire commercial team at Michael Saunders & Company generated a clear ROI with Buildout, and discover whether Buildout is the right tool for your brokerage.

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