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Success Story Preview: Hurd Realty sees uptick in new business

August 15, 2018

Are the developers, buyers and investors you work with impressed by your firm’s marketing materials? When your proposals, flyers, emails and more are created quickly and beautifully, the people you work with will take notice, and your business will see the benefits. Hurd Realty is just one example of that.

For our latest Buildout success story, we sat down with Richie Hurd, a vice president of Hurd Realty. Hurd Realty is an Iowa-based commercial real estate development and investment firm with a heavy focus in the retail market. The firm owns and manages more than 100 properties in 15 cities across the Midwest and Southwest of the United States, so their marketing team has a lot on their plate.

To help the Hurd Realty marketing team more efficiently create high-quality marketing materials, including detailed maps for retail properties, they chose Buildout. Now, with Buildout’s cloud-based solution, they can:

  • Create professional, detailed marketing materials almost instantly.
  • Edit presentations, flyers and other documents from anywhere at any time.
  • Save time creating detailed maps to more effectively promote properties.
  • Win more business and close deals faster than ever before.

Download the full-length success story to learn more about how Richie and the team at Hurd Realty have used Buildout to their advantage.

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