February 21, 2018

Barry B. Bounds, Managing Director of KW Commercial Denver South Metro, is a self-proclaimed early adopter of technology. He says adopting new, useful technology just makes sense. Bounds believes that the faster he adopts new tech, the more competitive he and his team of 14 can be in the commercial real estate market.

That’s why he decided to use Buildout.

We sat down with Bounds and asked him some questions about his experience using the tool.

Since onboarding with Buildout, how has the tool improved processes at KW Commercial Denver South Metro?

Overall, Bounds said Buildout has streamlined processes. With the time he’s saved getting out of the minutiae of daily paperwork, data entry and document creation, he’s able to spend more time face to face with his clients.

The tool has made it possible for his team to create listing presentations, proposals or other marketing materials like brochures easily and immediately. Compared to other tools he’s used, like slideshow creation programs, Buildout takes much less time to complete a proposal. And because Buildout serves as a single database for all property information, data entry is also simple and intuitive, and does not require multiple entries for individual materials.

Thanks to the high quality materials produced through Buildout, Bounds has also achieved a higher win ratio compared to when he’s used other programs in the past. Past proposals weren’t as well organized or professional as he would have liked, and Buildout has allowed him to achieve the level of professionalism he would like to project for his firm.

What’s your favorite Buildout feature? What’s your team’s favorite feature?

Bounds’ favorite Buildout feature is the instantly-generated listing presentations. He finds them –– as well as Buildout’s other documents and marketing materials –– to be simple to edit, even right up to the last minute.

His team overall likes Buildout’s property websites most. With Buildout, his team can quickly create a website for a specific listing and send the link to their current or prospective customers. On these websites, KW Commercial can also acquire direct leads through document vaults and forms.

How have your clients responded to materials you create with Buildout?

KW Commercial Denver South Metro’s clients have been very impressed with the marketing materials Bounds and his team have created with Buildout. Clients appreciate the succinct, professional and complete property marketing packages that Bounds can provide immediately.

Bounds also told us that clients have specifically noted the professionalism and consistency of brochures and other marketing materials. Because every team member at KW Commercial Denver South Metro uses the same tool, their brand consistency and professionalism separates the firm from smaller shops and allows them to more effectively compete with larger shops that have a graphics department in-house. But because KW uses Buildout, they can create beautiful materials –– even without a full graphics team.

Do you want to achieve a higher win ratio for your brokerage and open up your days to spend more time with clients? Contact us to set up a Buildout demo with our team.

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