April 4, 2018

When we sat down with Jonathan Salk, Executive Director of CORFAC International, he told us Buildout has been the poster child of a great partner for his organization because of its ease of use and excellent customer service. Here’s what else he had to say:

What challenges were CORFAC International members facing that Salk saw Buildout as a solution for?

Instead of using multiple different platforms and technologies to market properties — from email marketing, document creation, property site creation and more — Buildout integrates everything CORFAC International members need in one package. This one-stop solution was critical to CORFAC members because they needed a product that could create all of the marketing materials they needed.

Because CORFAC International members have been so pleased with the results, Salk told us that their use of Buildout has expanded into 13 partner firms in just two years, and that number continues to grow.

What feedback has Salk received from CORFAC members about how Buildout has improved their day-to-day?

As Buildout has evolved to keep up with the rapid changes in the increasingly tech-driven CRE industry and meet even more needs of customers, marketing material creation is even more streamlined, and the product is more integrated with other CRE marketing and data tools. Salk also noted Buildout’s strong customer service and that the product continues to improve based on user feedback.

CORFAC member brokers seek technology that will make their jobs easier, and Buildout provides a tool that does just that. Buildout’s time-saving features, for both brokers and their marketers, allow them more time to build relationships and focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

What competitive advantage does Buildout bring to CORFAC members?

Because Salk has been in the CRE association market for 30 years, he knows many people in the industry. Even outside of CORFAC firms, from CCIM- and SIOR-associated brokerages, he hears CRE professionals talk about Buildout more and more.

That’s because Buildout’s product is so integrated. It gives brokers and firms as a whole a comprehensive CRE marketing platform. CORFAC is always looking for value adds for their members, and when it’s time for those members to renew their memberships, Salk can remind them of the value they receive with Buildout.

Does Salk recommend Buildout to other brokerages or other partners? Why?

Salk noted that he absolutely recommends Buildout to brokerages and CORFAC International partners because Buildout is more than just a technology platform that provides all marketing services under one roof. When Salk speaks with potential new CORFAC sponsors or broker partners, he specifically mentions Buildout because they provide excellent customer service and are a flexible, adaptive partner for the organization. With Buildout, CORFAC International members and partners can save time on marketing tasks and see a clear ROI from their membership.

Watch Salk’s video here. Want to give Buildout a try? Contact us.

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