April 11, 2018

This blog was originally published in April 2018 and updated in April 2020.

From proposal to close, there’s a lot of necessary exposure and correspondence that goes into a CRE deal.

Buildout’s web tools all work together to streamline this process and make it easier for you to quickly and seamlessly promote your property listings and gather buyer leads.

Here’s how all of Buildout’s web tools work together:

Showcase listings on industry marketplaces and your brokerage website

To initially attract interested parties to your property listings, you seek out buyers visiting marketplaces across the web—or nurture visitors on your brokerage’s own website.

With Buildout’s syndication feature, your property listings are automatically published to our partner network of national and local marketplaces like theBrokerList, Brevitas, 42Floors, OfficeSpace and more.

This saves you hours every week entering and updating property information across marketplaces and makes it easy to add or delete listings from these sites.

To further help you maximize exposure for your listings, you can also add a property inventory plugin to your brokerage’s website. There, website visitors can search for relevant properties using search criteria like sale or lease, price, square footage, location, and more. 

House information on individual property websites

Once potential buyers and investors get interested in your listing on a marketplace or your brokerage website, they can visit that individual property’s website to get more information; a website created instantly with Buildout.

Unique property websites can be accessed through both that site’s unique URL and through Buildout’s property inventory plugin on your brokerage website.

When you’re in talks with a potential buyer, you can send them a property website’s URL where that buyer can access maps, photos, videos and 3D tours, property overviews, broker information, and important documents.

The website URL is connected to your own website’s analytics and SEO. All marketing materials created with Buildout can be quickly hosted on a property’s website to streamline sharing.

Collect and qualify buyer leads

On your property websites, you can also use Buildout’s document sharing feature to provide additional information to buyers, investors, owners, and other brokers, capture their contact information and require signatures on electronic CAs.

To help you close deals faster, efficient document sharing helps you qualify leads and focus your attention on only the potential buyers who seem most interested in a property.

Have some buyers or investors downloaded an OM more than once? Or downloaded multiple documents? In Buildout, you can see who has been most engaged with property information and follow up with those individuals.

Because Buildout serves as a centralized database for your firm, your brokers and marketers only need to input property information once. From there, that listing data is automatically updated on every marketing material you create, from proposal to close.

Get in touch to learn more about each of these features and schedule a demo with our team.

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