Resource preview: Integrating data systems for brokerages

December 12, 2018

CRE professionals have a lot to juggle. Some of the most common challenges brokers and marketers face are:

  • Integrating data systems
  • Maintaining consistent branding
  • Managing online presence
  • Scaling processes with growth

Fortunately, there are steps that teams can take to address these challenges. That’s why we’re creating a series of resources to help brokerage teams successfully take on everything on their plates.

In our first resource, you’ll learn about how to better integrate data systems.

The first step to streamlining operations is getting the right tools in place to properly integrate data systems. But how do you do it?

Brokerages can achieve data integration in two main steps:

  1. Maintaining a brokerage-wide property listing
  2. Using tools with API integration

These steps help firms like yours more easily distribute accurate property information across platforms, save time for value-driven tasks, and ensure tech compatibility.

Download the resource now.

In our new resource, you’ll learn more about how you and your team can overcome the challenge of integrating data systems at your brokerage.

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