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Resource preview: Integrate technology into day-to-day tasks to win more listings and close deals faster

January 5, 2017

71 percent of brokers believe relationships are the biggest stimulus for winning business. And by integrating tech into your day-to-day operations, you can streamline your tedious tasks and spend more time building relationships and closing deals. Start by:

Centralizing your database

If you’re still using excel spreadsheets to house your property listings’ data, you’re putting yourself and your clients at risk for information errors. And these errors could be reflected across every single item you send out to potential buyers.

With a centralized property database, you and your marketing team will have access to the same data. And once you enter your property’s information in Buildout you never have to enter it again. You can be confident that the information on each of your pieces is consistent and accurate. And if there are any changes to a listing, simply update it in the property form in Buildout, and it will automatically reflect the change across all documents.

Plus, with your listing information in one easily accessible place, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of all of your properties in Buildout.

Automating your documents

Consider how much time you spend each week drafting proposals. On average, Buildout users spend only 30 minutes drafting a proposal with the help of Buildout’s document automation capabilities. And this includes the time spent customizing each individual page for their own preferences. You can then use the time you would have otherwise spent drafting proposals to take on additional properties, foster your current relationships and grow your network.

With document automation, your marketing team will be able to finalize your collateral in a fraction of the time. Now, listings materials can be ready to go in as little as 15 minutes. So when you’re ready to start marketing your property, your materials will be ready too. And all of your documents are generated with your brokerage’s brand blueprints. Every proposal or OM you share will be brand consistent and professionally polished.

Integrating digital tactics

Relationships win business. Your reputation and professionalism, as well as your brokerage’s brand, help build those relationships. And technology only strengthens these elements.

According to our 2015 DNA of #CRE survey, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for CRE brokers. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to easily connect with relevant individuals online and then build deeper relationships that can be fostered further offline. If you haven’t already integrated LinkedIn engagement into your routine, give it a try.

But social media only scratches the surface of what’s possible from a digital perspective. With new virtual reality and 3D tools like Matterport, you can better engage buyers from the get-go. They can now experience an immersive tour of a property before actually setting foot in it. These are valuable tools for international and cross-country buyers—or even individuals who want to know as much about the property as possible before taking the time to visit. Don’t underestimate their potential.

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