How Buildout is investing in our customers’ success

December 2, 2019

As the services we provide grow, our team has to evolve alongside them to make sure we’re always putting our customers’ journeys first. That’s why we created our new Relationship Management team to serve point on helping solve our customers’ biggest problems.

We sat down with Senior Relationship Manager, Taylor Grinney, to learn how the team was created to continue Buildout customer success.

How will customers interact with the Relationship Management team as part of their Buildout journey?

Taylor: The focus of my role as a relationship manager is making sure Buildout is meeting your business objectives.

When they start with Buildout, customers get a really hands-on, front-end experience with setup, weekly calls, and design iterations. It’s really important for us to make the transition to a new tool as easy as possible with plenty of resources available.

We wanted to make sure that same level of hands-on attention was available as needed even after customers are up and running with the platform. That’s where relationship managers come in.

Client Services is there to help with your day-to-day questions and app utilization. Relationship managers are the contacts customers have inside Buildout ready to help them with contract questions, exploring new solutions, or anything that takes them off the beaten path.

When did you know it was time to create this new relationship manager position?

Taylor: There are more ways for customers to shape their Buildout journey than ever before. As our offerings expanded, we wanted to have a stronger business relationship with our customers to make sure we’re constantly serving them to their best potential.

Relationship managers are there to help make sure customers’ Buildout journey is the right one for their business.

Why should customers look forward to working with you?

Taylor: I see the relationship manager role as a quarterback position for our customers. We understand their needs and goals and work across Buildout to connect them with the right people to address their specific challenges.

That’s why it’s important that Alysse, the other relationship manager, and I were the senior-most members on the Sales team before forming the Relationship Management team.

We’re experts on what’s possible with Buildout so we can help our clients understand everything we can do and how we can do it while also setting expectations.

What are some of the common goals and challenges you’re helping customers with in your conversations?

Taylor: That’s a tricky question because the goals and challenges are almost always different. Ultimately, we’re focused on helping brokerages as they grow—which can be a unique process for everyone.

Our job is to understand a customer’s’ pains, meet them where they’re struggling, and help them find the best solutions.

I helped an NAI office get started with Buildout's full suite of tools—and months later they wrote back to me to tell me it’s meeting every problem we discussed them facing. They’re building new workflows and processes around insights they never had before and just everything working more smoothly in their office.

It’s really rewarding to be a part of that process. Especially when you do your due diligence to make sure a solution is a good fit and the customer is set up the right way. That’s what our team is all about.

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