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Realizing the benefits of Buildout

September 22, 2016

Not only are tedious, repetitive tasks frustrating to repeat, they also take valuable time out of the workday. What if you and your team could instead spend this time helping brokers win more listings and close more deals? Buildout’s tools centralize your brokerage’s information and strengthen your brand, but what’s most important are the benefits it creates for your entire team by streamlining tedious tasks.

Access to brand-consistent materials all in one place

Buildout’s tools keep dynamic, brand-aligned blueprints for your marketing materials within the same convenient editing platform. This streamlines the document creation process and puts proposals in your brokers’ hands more quickly.

Research indicates that the strongest brands usually have a very clear brand image, making consistency key for the success of your brand’s visuals. When everyone’s on board with established aesthetic standards, your brokerage always puts its best foot forward.

Attracting and retaining the best brokers

Clients and brokers alike are attracted to brokerages with strong brands, as brand equity is associated with recognition, customer loyalty, and market share. Brokers know that robust brands generate more trust. By giving them the ability to deliver materials that reinforce a professional brand from proposal to closing, Buildout helps attract the best brokers to your firm.

Once you’ve attracted top talent, Buildout also helps you keep them there by providing the tools they need to be successful. With Buildout, brokers spend less time designing proposals, so they can quickly present high-quality, on-brand documents to a greater number of potential clients. This way, they’re able to close more deals—a win for the brokers and the brokerage.

Better serving brokers, better serving clients

Almost three quarters of real estate professionals feel that strong relationships are the most important factor for winning new business. Although Buildout helps to grow strong brands and attract and retain brokers, its greatest advantage lies in the time it leaves your brokers to build the relationships they need to close deals.

Its greatest advantage lies in the time it leaves your brokers to build the relationships they need to close deals.

Buildout creates more time for brokers to network with building owners and investors, forming connections that are critical for your brokerage. To reinforce and grow those relationships, Buildout’s marketing tools and automated documents allow your team to quickly create professional proposals. These materials help brokers win more listings and ensure that your clients’ properties are always represented beautifully.

Buildout creates value for your brokerage by eliminating time wasted on repetitive tasks. Interested in learning more about how Buildout can help you? Read our blog post about getting your brokerage started on Buildout and watch our on-demand webinar, Buildout for Brokerage Owners.

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