May 3, 2018

When buyers and prospective clients visit your brokerage’s website, they expect to be able to search your available property listings. With Buildout’s Property Inventory Plugin, they can. Using Buildout’s plugin, website visitors can search specific criteria like property type, price and square footage in a map or list view, all within your site.

Why should you use this Buildout feature on your brokerage website? Here are the benefits your brokerage will see with an inventory plugin featured on your website:

Featured live property listings

With this tool, your brokerage doesn’t have to rely exclusively on other property listing websites to feature your listings online. Every time one of your brokers adds or updates a property in Buildout’s centralized database, it’s automatically updated on your website’s Property Inventory Plugin. This ensures your property listings are always up to date, and your prospective buyers and clients only see the most recent property listing information.

Maintained or improved site SEO

With Buildout’s plugin, visitors can view your brokerage’s property listings directly on your site instead of using a third-party property inventory plugin provider. When these website visitors stay on your website instead of exiting to another web address, your site will reap the search ranking benefits. The more visitors come to your website and the longer they stay, the higher your site will appear in search results. This means prospective buyers will see your listings before they see your competitors’ listings.

Captured leads on your company website

Buildout’s Property Inventory Plugin also adds opportunities for you to gather lead information directly on your brokerage’s website. Once your website visitors find a property they’re interested in learning more about, they can visit that property’s unique website –– also created with Buildout –– and access brochures and other information. To capture the information of those interested parties, you can use the document sharing feature with forms that require the visitor to enter their contact information and sign an electronic confidentiality agreement before they access property resources. Then, a broker can quickly reach out to discuss the property.

If you’re interested in learning more about Buildout’s Property Inventory Plugin feature or any of our other features that benefit your brokerage, contact us.

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