Resource preview: The future of office technology

November 1, 2017

What’s next in office technology and what does it mean for you as a commercial real estate professional? This is a preview of our guide to the future of office technology and the types of tech you should be watching.

Virtual reality

Soon, with the help of virtual reality technology, we may be able to simply “plug in” to meetings in virtual meeting spaces instead of traveling to another city or even just to a client’s office across town. New tools like Facebook Spaces, a social virtual reality platform, could make that possible.

Artificial intelligence

AI functions like natural language processing, speech recognition and predictive analytics are already powering tools that help employees cut down on tedious work like transcribing meetings, drafting emails and creating repetitive documents. As developers further improve upon these tools, the average workday will drastically change.

Smart buildings and the Internet of Things

Many companies have already recognized and made changes based on the fact that desks and cubicles aren’t ideal for employee happiness and productivity. Now, companies can use actual data from smart office and IoT tools like CoWorkr to truly optimize their spaces for employee preferences.

Autonomous vehicles

It’s been estimated that there will be 10 million driverless cars on the road by the year 2020. With this new transportation, workers will have the opportunity to be productive in transit to work. Additionally, unmanned cars that optimize routes and reduce traffic will cut down our commute times.

But what will all of this mean for the CRE industry? To learn more about each of these technologies and their impact on office CRE, download our newest resource.

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