2018 DNA of #CRE survey now open

January 7, 2019

The 2018 DNA of #CRE survey is now open! Once again, we’re partnering with theBrokerList to gather useful data about what the most successful brokers and marketers all across the country do every day.

We’re changing our approach to this year’s survey. We want to know how CRE professionals spend their days and what tools they use. We’re also seeking to answer questions like:

  • Which property type was sold or leased the most in 2018?
  • Which social media platforms and property marketplaces are most valuable?
  • Which new technology has the potential to affect the industry as a whole and your business the most?

We need your help to gather this crucial industry-specific data.

Why should you take the 2018 DNA of #CRE survey?

With insights from CRE professionals like you, we can compile more comprehensive data about best practices and provide clear industry benchmarks.

The final survey report and analysis will reveal how the industry has changed during the four years we’ve been conducting the survey, and how brokers and marketers think it will continue to change into 2019.

The survey also reveals telling differences in best practices for small, medium and large firms. For example, last year we discovered that while brokers at firms of all sizes use the same tools and technologies, brokers at the largest firms use a wider range of social media tools.

What does the survey ask?

For brokers, we’re diving into the demographics and focus of your work, where you find your data and how you use it, the factors that win you the most business and more.

For marketers, we’re asking questions to learn more about how you promote your listings. For example, we want to know what kinds of advertising you run, how you’re measuring your marketing effectiveness and more. We also want to know whether or not your firm creates
original content like blogs and other thought leadership material.

And like last year, we also want to know what you think the future holds for commercial real estate. What are your strategic plans for 2019? How do you envision the future of CRE tech? And how do you think technology like AI, VR, and driverless cars will affect your job as a CRE professional in the coming years?

As always, we value your privacy and will only publish and share data anonymously.

Take the survey now. When the complete data is released, you’ll be one of the first to receive this exclusive report.

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