February 13, 2019

Consider the robust customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing automation, and seemingly endless opportunities for online networking available now that didn’t exist just 10 years ago. CRE technology is better than ever and continues to improve. You can use upgraded tech to your advantage in 2019 to ensure your brokerage is better than ever too.

To make your firm more efficient in 2019, consider tools that allow you to forecast your business pipeline, integrate your systems, and update your CRM system.

Accurately forecast your pipeline

How many properties do you need to sell to hit your commission or revenue goal for this year? Do you know? With more accurate forecasting tools, you can get a better sense of how many listings you need to win—and how many proposals you need to submit—to hit that goal.

When forecasting your pipeline, be proactive, not retroactive. Accurate commission forecasts, for example, shouldn’t be based on reports from the previous year, but real-time analyses of the deals in your pipeline. When you can accurately forecast your pipeline, and track progress over time, you can better plan for the future growth of your firm.

Use integrated tools

There are multiple moving parts in a CRE deal from prospecting to closing. Transferring information from one tool to another through each phase can be cumbersome and time-consuming. From prospecting, proposing, and marketing to managing transactions and commissions, each of the tools you use should be integrated in 2019 for maximum efficiency. This will allow everyone on your team to save time for bigger priorities and client facetime.

Data integration is crucial for brokerage efficiency and necessary for maintaining consistent information across each of these phases of dealmaking.  Using tools with API integrations or other data-sharing capabilities is key.

Update your CRM

In 2019, you need more than just a Rolodex for building and maintaining client relationships.  You should utilize a more robust, connected system that shows you everything about every contact—from property owners to people who have recently visited your website—in one place. For maximum brokerage efficiency, this database should be accessible to everyone on your team, and they should be expected to keep it up to date.

Within each contact, encourage team members to keep track of their related properties, list when leases are scheduled to end and note any other relevant contacts. Some brokers even find it helpful to make note of special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, kids’ names, hobbies and more to help maintain close relationships.

With pipeline forecasting, integrated tech, and robust CRM systems, your business can be better than ever in 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about how CRE technology will benefit brokerages in 2019, subscribe to our blog.

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