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Identifying and solving your brokerage’s biggest everyday challenges, part 2

December 18, 2019

Last year, we talked about some of the tech solutions available to solve your brokerage’s everyday challenges. But you know as well as we do: those aren’t the only challenges CRE faces.

Tracking your business pipeline

Because CRE is so unpredictable, it’s always been difficult for brokers and principals to accurately estimate their income for a given period of time. But for any business, it’s important to know your numbers so you can make smarter decisions.

When your brokerage uses database, marketing, and back-office tools that coexist on one platform, tracking your business pipeline is finally possible. When all of these tools work together, you can see where each listing is in the deal cycle, how many leads are in the pipeline, and expected gross commission splits. This helps you project your revenue for the month, quarter, or year.

Securing—and sharing—your data 

Despite developments in tech across many industries—including CRE—many brokers continue to use spreadsheets to keep their personal data private and portable. 

It makes sense that brokers wouldn’t want all of their data to be accessible to every other broker at their firm. After all, they’ve worked for years to collect it. But when it comes time to share property and contact information with marketing and back-office teams, spreadsheets are cumbersome and come with a high chance of user error.

With Buildout’s new CRM feature, brokerages have one centralized place to keep their public data. Then, brokers have the choice to buy their own personal database that they can keep entirely private and take with them to any Buildout-enabled brokerage throughout their career. Together, brokers and their firms have the best of both worlds: accessibility to the data their team needs and privacy for the data they don’t.

Organizing brokerage projects and tasks 

Everyone knows how it feels to search past email threads, spreadsheets, and documents trying to find one specific piece of important information. This can delay crucial tasks for brokerages, like getting a listing on the market or submitting a proposal.

With one tool that can serve as a “home base” or project dashboard for your brokerage, no one on your team will have to hunt for a phone number, photo, or anything else again. When everyone on your team has one place to collaborate on a listing, you can close deals faster and more efficiently.

Contact us to learn more about how Buildout can solve even more of your brokerage’s biggest everyday challenges.

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