May 30, 2018

At Buildout, we’re committed to developing tools and features that align with how commercial real estate professionals really work. That’s why we recently updated our “Vaults” feature to “Document Sharing.”

So what’s different about this feature, and how does it help brokers and other CRE professionals be more successful?

We’ve made it easier for buyers and investors to learn about your properties.

Every time you create a document in Buildout, that document is ready to share with our Document Sharing feature. Every single marketing material –– brochure, flyer, OM or owner’s report –– can immediately be added to a property website so visitors can get all property information in one place.

When potential buyers and investors, or even principals and other brokers, visit a property’s website, they can quickly and easily access all related information about a property.

You can now gather even more buyer leads.

In the updated Document Sharing feature, it’s easy to set individual privacy settings for each document you create. Documents can be organized as public, private, locked or only accessible for specific users.

When documents are locked, you can require website visitors to fill out a form and sign an electronic CA to view them. This allows you to gather contact information of buyer leads so you can reach out to them directly to discuss a property. You can also choose to approve access to documents once you receive a visitor’s contact information to ensure only the right people can view your property’s documents.

Brokers can spend their time pursuing only the most valuable leads.

We’ve made it possible for brokers to view analytics and see which visitors who accessed documents were most engaged. Who downloaded a document multiple times? Who downloaded more than one document? This makes it easier for brokers to spend their time communicating with the buyers and investors who are most interested in a property and more likely to make an offer.

Contact our team to learn more about this feature update and how you can use it to your advantage at your brokerage.

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