How great materials set you apart from the competition

October 18, 2016

It’s no secret the CRE space is competitive, and it’s only going to get more intense. In fact, 43 percent of real estate firms said they expect more competition from “non-traditional” firms in 2017.

With such serious competition, your brokerage needs to do everything possible to break the mold and stand out in a sea of sameness. How do you do that? With high-quality materials and efficient distribution channels, potential clients will take notice.

Produce professional materials that elevate your brand

Your marketing materials convey a lot about your brokerage—and Buildout helps you create documents that send the right message. A professional look says you have the expertise and resources to be successful, while a consistent design reinforces your branding.

At Buildout, we understand the importance of a polished brand image. During the onboarding process, our team of dedicated designers work with you to create and set your brand standards. We then apply these visual elements to all of your document layouts in Buildout, which reflect best-practice designs we’ve built based on years of experience working with CRE brokerages. These dynamic blueprints serve as a beautiful base for creating all of your materials, while still allowing you to tailor them for specific properties. We can also customize your layouts further to meet your brokerage’s unique needs. With branded, best-practice layouts, your materials have a professional, high-quality look that elevates and differentiates your brokerage.

Because Buildout is a centralized tool, you also no longer have to use separate online platforms and programs for different marketing tasks. Website creation, document storage, email blasts, and comps tracking—can all be done within Buildout. This centralization means your materials maintain a consistent style, no matter who on your team creates or edits them. Every proposal, OM, flyer, brochure and owner’s report aligns with your brand standards and conveys your brand message, building equity in a competitive space.

Your brand’s consistency across all marketing materials demonstrates a high level of professionalism. And, the way you present your firm demonstrates how you will present your clients’ properties. High-quality, polished materials will make them confident in your abilities—and show that you’re a step above your competition.

Assure clients you’ll market their property with speed and efficiency

It’s not enough to simply design beautiful marketing materials. Clients must know that you’re ready with the right tools to promote their listings effectively as well.

Creating a 20- to 40-page proposal is a grueling process without Buildout. But with Buildout, you can quickly submit clean, robust, professional proposals that potential clients take notice of. That speed and quality is indicative of how efficiently your firm markets properties and will win you more listings than ever before.

When you’ve won the listing, property websites are easy to create and update through Buildout, or you can use our plugin to power the property search on your brokerage’s website. This way, you don’t have to develop custom sites and pages for each property. In fact, one of our clients was thrilled they could proactively prepare a website for a potential client’s listing before a pitch, giving them a leg up on their competition. Using Buildout, you can also create beautifully branded emails in minutes to promote your listings to your network.

When you use Buildout, creating materials and sharing property information is a seamless task. Not only do the efficiencies created through the platform free up your time, but clients appreciate how much faster their listing gets to market than with the competition.

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