October 6, 2016

This blog was originally published in October 2016 and updated in June 2019.

Think about all the time you spend creating marketing materials for your properties. What if all of your firm’s property marketing documents, emails, and web pages took only minutes to create, instead of all day? And what if just one tool could streamline the entire process of marketing your listings?

Buildout is that tool. Here’s how Buildout streamlines all of your CRE marketing activities:

Document creation

Brand-aligned documents help brokers close more deals—but manually creating each proposal, OM, flyer, brochure, and owner’s report takes a lot of time.

When you’re ready to create your documents in Buildout, our editor automatically displays the most important information in an easy-to-use platform. That means you can create, edit, publish, and share your documents in minutes.

Our editor also lets you experiment with different layouts so, if you want, you can customize each document for a specific property and purpose. You an also use Power Pages, which are configurable layouts and page options built on document best practices used by the industry’s top brokerages.


Mobile email open rates have more than doubled since 2011, so your email designs need to look great on every screen and email platform. We save you time trying to troubleshoot design problems by giving you editable, mobile-responsive email formats that offer design flexibility and are guaranteed to display correctly in every inbox.

Once you’ve put your listing information into a property form, you can create three different types of emails to market it: multi-property, individual property, and space needs.

Property websites

Buildout automatically creates a website for every property you add to our platform. All the necessary information is included right off the bat, but you can still customize the content and share your Buildout property documents—like flyers, brochures, and OMs—on the sites.

You can decide which features like photos, documents, maps, and banner text to show on each website. In the documents area, you can also choose which specific documents you’d like to publish publicly.

Company website property search

You can use individual pages created in Buildout to populate your company’s property inventory search page. That way, anyone can easily search all your properties to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Plus, because your property websites stay within the domain of your brokerage website, Buildout can improve your overall SEO ranking, helping your website appear higher in search results.

The time you spend on tedious marketing activities could be better spent elsewhere. Buildout’s documents and features streamline your brokerage’s marketing, which helps you compete and grow. Interested in learning more about how Buildout can help you scale your brokerage? Talk to our sales team.

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