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Benefits of using theBrokerList syndication channel on Buildout

January 17, 2017

Guest post by Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList.

Buildout has built an amazing platform that took some of the most vital processes that were formerly tedious and time consuming and automated them. It seems the pain of updating marketing materials and keeping your brand consistent was one of the biggest pain points a brokerage company could face. By automating the document creation process Buildout was able to solve that challenge and many more. Along with creating documents, Buildout also streamlined the property listing process by offering a syndication channel to property listing partners. This channel automatically posts properties on partner sites that you sign up with.


As one of those sites offering this free tool to the Buildout customers we wanted to highlight some key features of selecting theBrokerList as a syndication partner in your Buildout dashboard. theBrokerList is not just a listing platform, but is a marketing machine full of automated outreach features and a wonderful network of VERIFIED commercial real estate brokers from all parts of the U.S., Canada and some international locations as well.

theBrokerList is an open platform to the public and is completely transparent to all users. Visitors do not have to sign in or log in or give us their name. Your potential new clients can view your pages and listings and contact you directly. We do not intercept your leads.

Here is a short list of some of the most favored aspects of theBrokerList!

  • Easy to implement. Just fill out our easy online form and we will do the rest!
  • Excellent customer service and fast turnaround on any inquiries.
  • Once your API key is associated with your Buildout profile you are good to go. Any changes to your data automatically updates on theBrokerList.
  • Every member receives an RSS feed for individual profiles as well as an aggregated company profile. RSS Feeds are amazing for use with HootSuite, Buffer, IFTTT and Zapier. They enable today’s CRE Marketing professional to automate much of the social media channels with ease.
  • Each NEW HAVE listing syndicated to theBrokerList receives automatic social media exposure via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Each NEW HAVE listing is automatically included in our NEW HAVES and WANTS each week and is emailed to those members who have opted in for that geographic area of the country.
  • All members can contribute to the popular theBrokerList blog. Contribute on an individual basis or team blog and let us share all of your brokers blogs.
  • With every new broker added to your company page, it is shared on Twitter and Facebook exposing your brand and your team to even more, automatic social media exposure.
  • All members of theBrokerList are able to use the list to post unlimited WANT messages. WANT messages are an excellent way to reach out to a wider net when sourcing a particular need for a client. The WANT posts are also automatically posted via Twitter and Facebook for maximum exposure.
  • Close a lease or sale deal? Great, just close out each HAVE listing as a completed TRANSACTION which gives each deal you do more online exposure and acts as a press release on each closed deal. The closed deals are the showcase of each broker to display their achievements.
  • Use theBrokerList built in messaging system. Need to send a message about a new listing to brokers but do not have their email addresses. No problem as all members of theBrokerList have a license to use our list within our platform. Send emails to invite brokers to tour your property or just update your own custom list to alert them to a price change on a listing.

So whether you are new to social media or you are a professional blogger and social media guru and your focus is commercial real estate, joining a platform like theBrokerList is a win-win. theBrokerList pulls together today’s online outreach tools and marries those tools to a built in network that is free to use! Not familiar with social media, then you can learn just by watching us and observing. We promise you will learn so much about online marketing for today’s commercial real estate professional. If you are already a pro at navigating social media and online marketing, you can benefit by getting additional exposure and traffic sent to your sites or blog.

For more information follow theBrokerList at almost all of the places you care to participate in and of course, if you are a brokerage firm, sign up, it is free, to be a part of this amazing community! For individuals, just click here to add your profile and if you wish to onboard your entire office, use our easy set up form here.

Find theBrokerList on your favorite social media platform!


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