November 6, 2019

Commercial real estate is an unpredictable industry, making it difficult to know for sure when a deal will close and for how much. That’s why tracking one’s revenue pipeline has long been considered impossible for brokers.

But now, because Buildout Elite’s database, marketing, and back-office tools all integrate, you can accurately forecast your revenue pipeline. Here’s how:

See your full pipeline at a high level

Through Buildout Elite’s Projects, which brings broker data and timelines together with marketing planning and creation, you can see a high-level view of where every deal is in your pipeline.

On one screen, you can quickly see all of your open proposals, on-market listings, and closed deals. This helps you make better judgment calls on whether you should focus more of your time closing active deals or creating more proposals to fill your pipeline so you can meet your financial plans for the year.

Make smarter closing predictions

With Projects, you can also see live marketing metrics that show which collateral and campaigns are performing the best.

You can also track incoming leads and their activities, helping you create in-depth contact records for better follow-up. Then, using Project’s task management features, your team can target your lead funnel with email campaigns, call lists, and more.

Ultimately, with a transparent, team-wide workspace for every deal, you’ll be able to more accurately determine the results of your listing process, a deal’s likelihood to close, and predict closing dates and transaction values.

Accurately calculate your commissions

Buildout Elite lets you load every possible commission plan in your brokerage into Back Office and assign as many brokers to each plan as you want. With this in place, you can automatically calculate each commission split across plan tiers throughout the year for every deal.

This tool, along with the high-level pipeline view, also makes it easier for brokers to quickly estimate how much they stand to make in the coming month, quarter, or year from their own deals. Brokerage management can also estimate income for the brokerage as a whole from a high level.

Are you ready to start forecasting your revenue? Learn more about our database and back-office features and contact us now to schedule a demo.

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