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Flexible marketing for your brokerage

January 15, 2020

We know that your brokerage needs brand consistency to successfully market your listings. We also know that while you need to maintain this consistency, you also need the flexibility to power your brokerage’s marketing in a way that’s effective for sales

That’s why we’re introducing you to two of our features that give your brokerage the ability to further customize all of your marketing materials: Power Pages and Email Editor.  

Power Pages

We receive requests to add features to our document’s pages every day. We know that the features we add for one brokerage could benefit the hundreds of other brokerages we work with as well. Thus, Power Pages were born. 

Our 19 different Power Pages give you the flexibility you want in your documents while allowing you to maintain the brand consistency you need. With Power Pages, you have more layouts, functionalities, and features across all of your documents. This means you can easily customize things like your photos, the orientation of your pages, and content. 

Email Editor

Just like with Power Pages, we’ve upgraded our Email Editor to provide you with more content flexibility and targeting power. 

With our expanded Email Editor features, you can now choose how you want to present content within each email with the simple toggles of different buttons. You now have a handful of new templates to choose from that allow you to easily add or remove photos, broker information, maps, and more. 

You can also customize the copy in every email in real-time. You can easily add or remove information on an email-by-email basis to best reflect what your audience needs to hear from your brokerage.

Don’t have Buildout Marketing yet and want to see our new features in action? Contact sales for a demo.

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