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Why fake sunlight means corner offices for everyone

February 19, 2019

Think of a listing for any property, and “sunny” tends to be one of the top descriptors. Everyone loves natural light, whether it’s in their office, apartment, or even when it’s shining through the windows of the places they shop.

What if, no matter what the weather was outside, or where you were in a building, you could experience a warm, sunny glow? Additional sunlight can add value to any building or unit—even if they sit in the shade.

What’s happening?

According to BBC News, “Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new indoor lighting system that mimics blue skies, sunrises, and sunsets.” Ideally, this new system will improve the atmosphere of offices and homes that don’t currently see enough natural light.

Mitsubishi has achieved this realistic, sunny room appearance by installing two white LED lights on either side of a window box with suspended diffusers in between. This allowed them to replicate the way natural light shines through a window.

However, even though we’re still probably two to five years away from seeing widespread application of this lighting technology, the positive impact of realistic windows could be huge.

What could fake sunlight mean for CRE?

With these realistic windows on any wall, private offices—even those in the middle of buildings—will feel like they have corner office windows. Garden apartments will feel like sunny top-floor units. The resulting positive effects on a property’s overall atmosphere could mean big things for the value of multifamily and office buildings.  Tenants are willing to pay more for natural light, and natural-seeming sunlight could be the next best thing.

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