October 16, 2019

Commercial real estate is a collaborative industry where brokers, marketers, and back-office teams rely on each other. Everyone in a brokerage plays an important part in the deal cycle, and there are a lot of moving parts to keep on track.

Buildout recognized there was a gap in project management for CRE brokerage teams. So, we created a comprehensive tool to help your brokerage bridge that gap.

Introducing Buildout Elite: Projects

When you upgrade to Buildout Elite, the Properties page—the space for creating marketing campaign collateral—becomes Projects. It’s a place for everyone in a brokerage, including brokers, marketers, and back office, to collaborate on a listing. There, the company’s database connects directly with Marketing and Back Office features, and everyone on the team can get properties to market, run your listing process, and close deals faster and more efficiently.

What you can do with Projects

How much time does your team waste combing through email threads, documents, and attachments trying to find the one piece of information you need to move a task forward? Brokerages and their teams need one centralized place to communicate, collaborate, and close deals, and Projects is that place. 

You can think of Projects as the “home base” for your entire listing process. Along with a space to create every marketing asset you’ll need—every message, activity, note, task, and document can be found there. For example, if your team is coordinating a listing, head to Projects to discover who on the team last spoke to the building owner. Find out the status of that potential deal, review the most recent files, and determine who’s responsible for the next tasks and follow-ups. 

Projects also offers enhanced campaign metrics that help your team tailor your engagement strategies and close more deals.

How Projects can make your brokerage more efficient 

Buildout’s Projects feature is the intersection of a brokerage’s marketing, database, and back office. After entering your listing information in one research database, you can access it to create anything—from proposals, to on-market listing materials, to payment vouchers—through the full deal cycle. Now, no one in your firm has to manually enter the same data twice, and you’ll never lose time or accuracy as data moves across your brokerage. That means your team can spend more time closing deals and winning listings.

Contact us today to set up a demo with our team to see how Projects and the rest of Elite’s features will improve your entire brokerage team’s working experience.

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