November 14, 2018

Our customers are often excited to learn that, with Buildout’s Docs feature, a marketer can quickly create professionally-designed marketing pieces for as many as 10 brokers at a time. But sometimes, brokers want to add a personal touch to their materials. To streamline the process of creating proposals, offering memorandums (OMs) and other pieces even more, marketers should train brokers who use the Docs feature as well.

Here are some tips for training your firm’s brokers to use Buildout’s Docs feature:

Customize training for individual brokers

Every broker learns differently, so customize your training for each one. Depending on how quickly a broker picks up on the features and capabilities of Buildout’s Docs, walk through the tool either step-by-step or provide an overview and let the broker dive in on their own.

These are the top three tips Buildout customer Ashleen Blaetter, marketing coordinator for NAI Northern California, offers for explaining how to use Buildout’s Docs to her brokers across all offices:

  1. Always edit information in a master property edit form so everyone on the team is looking at the correct information. When information is in this form, it feeds into all documents created with Buildout.
  2. Follow the firm’s style guide for all designs.
  3. Trust that Buildout has exactly what you need. Because Buildout has all document options already pre-built into documents, you simply need to find what’s there to take advantage of it.

Arm brokers with more information than they need

Because every broker has their own unique preferences for their marketing materials, provide your firm’s brokers with more page layouts and more information for each page than you know they’ll need for any given brochure, flyer, OM or proposal. Then, they can easily edit the documents to include all the information they want to feature instead of taking more time to input or remove additional items.

Stay tuned for part two of this series on getting the most out of Buildout’s Docs feature, where we’ll discuss how you can add even more value to documents themselves. In the meantime, download our resource on proving the value of CRE tech in your brokerage to get brokers and principles on board with using a cutting-edge marketing tech tool like Buildout.

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