Do you really need to attend CRE networking events?

November 15, 2021

Commercial real estate networking events can offer a lot of benefits for agents, whether they are a new agent or a seasoned veteran agent. These events can generate new business and help agents stay current with the latest trends in CRE. If you are questioning whether or not to attend that networking you have been invited to, consider the following:

Networking can help you build meaningful relationships

There is something highly beneficial about interacting with people face to face in a setting that is both professional and casual. Some of the best professional relationships have been established at networking events. Keep in mind that the time allotted at these networking events can be slim, so you need to make the most of your time. Instead of just handing out business cards with a brief introduction, use the time to establish long-term, meaningful relationships with potential clients or business partners. Be assertive, but don’t be aggressive. Instead of hard selling, try to find common ground to establish a connection and then be sure to keep in touch.

Stay current on real estate trends

If you want to be a top broker, you need to be current on all of the CRE trends by learning new practices and new technology. Many networking events feature prominent speakers in the CRE industry who will share their ideas and know-how to give you more excitement to return to the office and take on new challenges. If you are a speaker or you are looking to boost your confidence as a speaker, these are great places to develop your speaking skills. This also gives you an opportunity to speak directly to your audience about your brand and services.

Connect with your target audience

CRE networking events are the ideal space to connect with exactly the people you are looking to connect with. Maybe you are a tenant rep broker and you meet a landlord rep broker at a networking event who has the perfect space for the law firm you are representing. Interactions like this happen all the time at CRE networking events. Maybe you won’t gain a new deal from it at the event, but if you make a lasting impression, you could end up striking a deal down the road. These events are also a great place to become well known in your market and to become a friendly face.

Gain new and fresh ideas

Attending a networking event and talking to others in the industry can help you gain new insights and ideas. Looking at the Internet for new practices can be overwhelming because there are so many opinions and there is so much information available. Sometimes it is best to talk about best practices and new ideas in a one-on-one setting where you can also gain feedback on your thoughts and ideas.

Attending CRE networking events can be extremely beneficial to your career in commercial real estate, but make sure you are being selective and attending networking events that will truly offer you key takeaways.

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