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Creating brokerage team cohesion

November 8, 2016

Today, CRE is a much more complex industry than it was in the past. Contracts, research, due diligence, marketing, client correspondence and other demands require your brokerage to move faster and perform better. To be successful, everyone on your team must work seamlessly together toward a common goal. Buildout keeps everyone on the same page in three key ways.

Streamlined processes

Your team needs to quickly generate high-quality, brand-consistent proposals, property websites, flyers, brochures, emails and OMs. And because these pieces work together, it makes sense to have them all live within one platform.

When your team uses Buildout, you won’t need any other programs to create all of your marketing materials and generate buyer leads for your listings. Design programs for brochures and flyers, PowerPoint proposals, Excel datasheets and outside website design firms all become completely unnecessary.

Buildout streamlines your entire process. To win a listing, you can develop a professional proposal using Buildout. After you win that listing, you can automatically create marketing materials and polished property listing emails based on the information you enter into Buildout. You can also easily store and share materials within simple, restricted or open document vaults on a property website you built with Buildout.

Having multiple capabilities in one program not only prevents members of your team from being siloed, but it also saves them time coordinating outreach efforts. With streamlined processes, your team is able to focus on making connections, building relationships, better serving clients and developing higher-level strategies for brokerage success.

Centralized information

Data inconsistency has long plagued the CRE industry. Many brokers still store their listing information in Excel spreadsheets, 90 percent of which contain errors of some kind. Buildout offers a property listing database for your brokerage that serves as a central location for every detail of your listings.

With this database, brokerage owners have a bird’s eye view of the brokerage’s entire business. Permissions to create or view properties are set at the account level for every user, allowing specific people access to individual listings.

And you can be confident that every marketing asset you create in Buildout is consistent and accurate because each piece is a live link and is automatically modified when you update a listing’s property form. With centralized information, you’ll no longer have to worry about inconsistency and inaccuracy.

Brand consistency

When you onboard with Buildout, our designers work with your team to create brand standards and develop dynamic layouts for all of your marketing materials. These materials remain consistent with your brokerage’s branding but are customizable for each individual property.

Buildout is easy to use so everyone on your brokerage’s team, even those without design experience, can create beautiful, brand-consistent brochures, flyers, emails, proposals, OMs and websites. And that brand consistency is important because it sets the tone for how clients and brokers view your firm and positions your brokerage for scalability.

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