November 10, 2016

A proposal shows an owner what your brokerage can do for them and, ultimately, helps you win them over. It’s hard to win listings without high-quality proposals, and when you create them manually, it can be a painstaking process. Buildout offers a way to instantly create beautiful proposals branded for your brokerage. Every year, almost 20,000 proposals are created with Buildout, and these documents win listings.

Here are a few ways to use Buildout’s proposals to solidify your position as the broker of choice for a potential client:

Highlight your track record of success

A proposal is your chance to highlight your brokerage’s background, deals you’ve closed and developers or investment companies you’ve worked with. Evidence that you’ve already successfully marketed and closed similar or well-known properties will help you gain credibility with a prospective client.

In Buildout, you can automatically add all of this information into your proposal. And because every deal is different, you can modify each proposal to emphasize the information and experience that is most relevant to the specific property you’re working to win.

Present yourself and your brokerage in a professional way

This should go without saying, but sloppy proposals with informational errors and unattractive designs don’t win listings. Clean, well-organized and custom branded proposals stand out from the competition and demonstrate how you’ll handle the client’s property. Leveraging Buildout will ensure consistent, professional branding throughout your proposals, showcasing a reputable brand that clients can trust.

Provide quick and reliable service

You want to be of the first brokerage to submit a proposal for a new listing. Doing so proves that you and your brokerage have the capability to work efficiently and can market the property in the same way. Buildout automates the creation of proposals so you can complete your proposal faster than your competition and be the first to submit. And because proposals are created almost instantly, it also allows you more free time to develop your relationships with owners and buyers.

Show what you’ll do for that specific client

Owners want to see how you’re going to market their property. And with Buildout, you can show them.

Proposals created with Buildout’s all-in-one marketing platform present examples of the ready-made marketing tools you’ll use to showcase their property. This can include things like:

  • Flyers and brochures
  • Property websites
  • Email campaigns
  • A timeline for rolling the listing out to market

Take this opportunity to show, not tell. Present these well-crafted, property-specific assets to prove that you are the right brokerage for the job and that you’re prepared to hit the ground running.

Create a winning proposal in Buildout

Creating a proposal in Buildout is easy and quick. Once you’ve added a property in Buildout, visit the “Docs” tab on that property’s page and select “Sale Proposal” in the dropdown under “New Document.”

Select “Sale Proposal” under the “New Document” dropdown menu on your property’s page in Buildout to draft a new proposal.

Your proposal will then automatically generate with the property data and photos you put into the property form and will be ready to deliver to the client. If you’d like to customize it further, you can make edits to the proposal content, exclude specific pages or add additional information, like:

  • Broker bios
  • Brokerage background
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Due diligence information
  • Rent rolls for multi-family properties
  • Sale comps

And if you find that you’d like to add additional pages to your proposal that aren’t included in Buildout’s package, our team of designers can create these custom pages for you during the setup process.

You can edit the content and photos on every page of a proposal in Buildout.

To learn more about document automation and the materials you can create with Buildout, check out our blog: “Using document automation to your advantage.”

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