December 6, 2016

Offering memorandums (OMs) contain the most important information buyers need to make their decision, they need to be professionally polished and comprehensive.

Brokers create about 15,000 OMs in Buildout every year, and they take thousands of properties off the market when deals are closed. Here are a few ways Buildout helps brokers disclose the most important information about their listings, generate leads and save time that can be used for their next sale:

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Showcase your listing’s information in the best light possible

An in-depth, well-designed offering memorandum is the best way to demonstrate the value of your property listing to potential buyers. The more detail you can include, the better.

For example, if you’re marketing a shopping strip, you might highlight:

  • Details of the current tenant’s lease agreement
  • Information on the surrounding area, like other properties and their tenants
  • Important financials, like how much an investor stands to make from their purchase of the property.

Buildout supports the creation of all your OMs, no matter the listing type or subtype. And with Buildout, the OM creation process takes seconds. That means you can get every potential buyer all the property information they need and present that information in a polished, brand consistent format every time.

Generate quality leads for your properties

An OM is the most important lead generator brokers have at their disposal. With Buildout, you can house your property’s offering memorandum in an open document vault on your listing’s website. The open vault requires users to submit their basic contact information as well as complete a confidentiality agreement in order to access the OM. Every time a visitor completes this process, they become a lead that you can follow up on and foster a relationship with.

Save time for building relationships and closing deals with OM automation

Creating a 20-to-30 page offering memorandum manually can take hours. But when you automate OM creation with Buildout, you’ll be able to use that time to make connections with potential buyers. Once you have all of your listing’s information in Buildout’s property form, you’ll never have to enter it again on documents like OMs and flyers.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of OM creation is including financial information. With Buildout, you can showcase a 100-unit rent roll or the complete income and expenses for your listing. Because you only enter information once in Buildout’s property forms to automatically generate beautifully-designed OMs, you’ll never have to manually enter data in an Excel document or in your financial statement generator again.

And our team of designers can work with you to create custom pages for your OMs that include elements like specially designed financial tables. Ultimately, the OMs you create in Buildout can be as customized as you’d like.

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Creating effective OMs

In our experience, the most successful offering memorandums include:

  • Property information including an offering summary
  • Location information like demographics and maps
  • A financial analysis including an investment overview, operating data, financing data, income summaries and expense summaries
  • Sale and rent comparables
  • Broker and brokerage information
  • Additional details like floorplans, tenant information and points of interest in the area

To create an OM in Buildout, visit the property page for the listing you’d like to feature. On the left side, select “Offering Memorandum” in the dropdown under “New Document.”

Click the "New Document" button and select "Offering Memorandum" in the pop-up modal to begin creating your OM.

You can then select which pages to include, or remove, in your OM by checking the boxes in the left hand sidebar. To alter a page, simply navigate to it using the left sidebar and make edits to the content, imagery and layout directly on the page from within the Buildout editor.

You can click directly within the document to edit any text or images.
You can also choose from a selection of layouts to change the arrangement of any page.

When you’re finished editing your OM, click “Done Editing” in the top-right corner of the page. Your OM will be in your documents list and ready for you to distribute. You can then share it with your network by:

  • Locking it in your open vault
  • Copying the live link to the OM and sending it via email
  • Downloading it as a PDF and attaching it

To learn more about automating the creation of proposals with Buildout, check out our blog: “Create proposals that win listings.”

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