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CRE marketing best practices: part two

December 13, 2016

In part one of this series, we discussed a few best practices for your marketing collateral. These included maintaining brand consistency and considering buyers’ priorities. Now, we’re continuing the conversation by exploring how you can apply digital strategies at your brokerage.

Digital marketing trends from other industries can serve as inspiration for your brokerage. Industries from professional services to healthcare are making use of inbound marketing, social media and retargeting. Why shouldn’t CRE?

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a crucial part of a sophisticated marketing strategy that will help you build a strong digital presence for your brokerage. It utilizes quality content—such as thought leadership pieces, blog posts, infographics or property resources that live on your website—to attract and engage visitors. This content will not only improve your site’s SEO but in the case of CRE, it can also help you generate higher quality leads. With Buildout, you can use document vaults to house a wide range of assets, from flyers and brochures to OMs, behind forms on your property websites. In order to access these pieces, an interested party must provide and verify their email address. A broker can then reach out and discuss the property the lead has been researching.

Social media

While you might think of social media in terms of your personal connections, it also serves as a valuable professional networking tool. Use LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with key contacts and share your expertise and insights with your network. You can also distribute event announcements, showcase new listings and share property photos on your social networks. When complimented by other marketing tactics, social media can position your brokerage as a leader in the market and promote your clients’ listings to a broader audience.


Once users have visited your website, you can use retargeting to deliver digital ads on other sites they frequent. This encourages them to return to your site and keeps a property they may otherwise forget about at the top of their radar. Retargeting focuses your marketing spend on reaching people who have already shown some level of interest in your property and can be a great way to maximize your marketing investments. In fact, a recent study shows that retargeted customers are four times more likely to click on an ad than those who have never interacted with your brand or property before.

To learn more about how Buildout can help solve some of your brokerage’s biggest marketing challenges and stay ahead of the competition, access our resource “Achieve brand consistency and scale your brokerage.

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